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  1. I'll be there at the Waverly Color Co./ Have Fun Be Lucky booth. Swing by!
  2. waverly

    I had these goofy things made.

    Thanks, everyone!!
  3. Don't slip. Get tattooed by Ron Henry Wells. He is a force! I'll be there making tattoos and selling Waverly Color with Jon Glessner and Hunter Spanks. Stop by and say hi!
  4. waverly

    Dan Higgs

    I took this photo and a bunch of others at the New Jersey State Fair in Cherry Hill. It was August 12th, 1990. It was a blast meeting Jack Dracula. He had such a crazy mystique about him. There were all kinds of crazy stories about him and I was afraid to meet him but he was a fun guy to hang around with for an afternoon. He rode back into town with us and told us old corny jokes. RIP Jack Dracula and Sonny Tufts.
  5. waverly

    I had these goofy things made.

    Thanks, everybody!
  6. Check out these GREEN SOAP air fresheners I had made. I'll have them in Phiily next week or you can get them from Waverlycolor.com. Thanks! bill
  7. waverly

    Ed Hardy ROA Book Question

    Here is the one from my copy. [/img]
  8. waverly

    Ed Hardy ROA Book Question

    I have the tattooed one and the regular and I don't know if I would part with the regular one for $129.00. It was a struggle to buy it back then at the regular price!
  9. I'll be there with Ishmael Johnson. Joe Martinez and Sky James. It's pretty large and pretty hectic but I'll make it a good time. I plan ahead and make sure I bring some food and drinks so I don't fall over. Stop by the Waverly Color booth and say hi! I'll have a few new things out by the time it rolls around.
  10. waverly

    Opinions please

    Nick Caruso is a solid tattooer and a great guy. You could do far worse.
  11. It's my favorite convention in one of my favorite towns! I can't wait for it to happen! I'll be wandering around all weekend and I'm bringing some Bluebird Black samples as well as Waverly Pens!
  12. waverly

    Bryn Perrot

    She makes great stuff! I'm amazed at how many of those she has made!
  13. waverly

    Good Sushi in San Francisco?

    Sushi Ran in Sausalito and Kaji are two of my favorites out that way!
  14. waverly

    Dick blick / skin candy fiasco

    I've been telling people to go to Sears for supplies for years now. "Yeah, man, they're gonna act like they don't know what you are talking about but you have to be insistent. You have make them understand that you know what's up and then they'll sell to you. Besides, all their tat guns are Craftsmen so they are guaranteed for LIFE!"
  15. So you can get either one right now if you want it. Just send me an email. waverlycolor@verizon.net Thanks!