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  1. This is the first annual. We will be bringing it back for sure.
  2. Please take a moment to check out the site. We are super excited about the tattooer lineup! NAZTF Artists
  3. I'm putting together a small convention in the mountain town of of Prescott, AZ July 5th-7th 2013. Please take a moment to check out the website, and the FB like page. The already impressive lineup is growing daily! Northern AZ Tattoo Fest https://www.facebook.com/northernaztattoofest
  4. I obsess over lady heads and study the shit out of them, yet still suck at them. Anyway I thought I'd throw a few other names into the mix. Forgive me if any have been previously alluded to. Mando Rascon (one of my personal favorites) Kevin Leblanc Whitney Lennox Angelique Houtkamp Emily Rose Murray Aaron Coleman (not necessarily known for his lady heads, but trust me. His fucken' rule) Mikey Sarratt Ben Grillo - - - Updated - - - Also, Tyler James Densley Johannes Nota Milford Barnes
  5. Hold Fast Tattoo in Prescott, AZ is looking for a motivated tattooer to help pick up our overflow. Prescott is a quaint mountain town, but has three colleges, is steeped in wild west history, and is a bustling tourist destination. We are the longest running/continually operated tattoo studio in the area. We have built a reputation for quality custom work, but our location (set in the busy downtown area) garners us plenty of walk-in traffic from both tourists, and locals alike. Therefore, we are in need of someone that is proficient in most styles, able to tackle walk-ins, and is friendly with customers. This is a great opportunity for the right person. Must have 5 years experience, and provide references. We also welcome guest artists. We DO NOT offer apprenticeships. Please send all inquiries to: sinkorswimaz@yahoo.com
  6. If you care about giving your clients a great experience, and are able provide them with a clean tattoo that makes them happy... Then you don't need a fucking publicist! The thing is, is that nothing happens overnight. If you keep your nose to the grindstone, treat people right, and truly care about striving to become the best Tattooer you can become; it actually does payoff eventually. Nobody wants to think about working their ass off for ten plus years in the same location to earn a loyal following, and the respect of other tattooers. It hurts my soul when I see wannabes out there with barely three years under their belt wondering why they aren't famous yet, when they should be worrying about applying cleaner lines, and getting consistent heals. Forget about anyone giving a shit about how they interact with their clients. (Haha, how old do I sound) anyway, sorry about the rant I'm actually really happy to be making a living doing what I love. I still sorta feel like I pulled a fast one on society. It's probably a good thing that all these assholes are looking for short cuts because it makes the ones paying dues look so much more respectable. So yeah, nevermind... Tattooing is easy. Just hire a publicist, don't draw, and be sure to let everyone know how awesome you are.
  7. If you ever find yourself in (or near) Arizona, hit me up! We welcome traveling artists.
  8. So sad... One of the few shiny lights in a grim, dreary world of tattoo media douche-baggery.
  9. Haha I know Milford. I shared a booth with him at the long beach show in 2007. Last I heard he was tattin out of his RV on the beach. He's a badass!
  10. What about Robert Atkinson? He's been killing it for quite some some time.
  11. ok, just for fun: I'm mostly talking quality of tattoos being put out, but I suppose we can also consider art collections, amenities etc. I'm gonna start out with some of my favorites from the US only. (I wouldn't even know where to begin if including shops beyond) Black Heart (not just because this is Scott's forum either) King's Ave Smith St Slave to the Needle Immaculate
  12. When faced with tattoo ethics; I just ask myself if what I'm doing is harming tattooing in any way. I make it a point to give back more than I take. I can't imagine that you would be doing tattooing a disservice by at least helping this aspiring tattooer out with his aeseptic practices. It could be a legitimate opportunity for you to reduce disease transmission in a fledgling tattoo community. Beyond that, it probably wouldn't hurt to drop a few technical/artistic hints as well. Pandora's box is long past open, these days it's all about damage control. If you end up saving a few people from contracting a communicable disease, then I say it would be worth the effort. Also, it may be a positive experience from an anthropological standpoint. Just think; if Horihide hadn't exchanged ideas with Ed way back when, who knows where the fuck we would all be. I believe that if your heart is the right place, and your motivations aren't selfish you will be promoting our craft in a positive way. As far as selling equipment goes, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I would probably meet the guy and see what he is all about. I would consider just kicking down equipment that you no longer use if you deem him worthy. I realize that my opinions on information sharing may not be a popular one, and I certainly don't feel the same about scumbag scratchers, and tattoo schools, etc. here in the states. I'm definitely not about to going helping out my direct competition, and I am very aware of the importance of paying dues and earning your opportunities the old way. I'd love to hear what other tattooers have to say about this topic.
  13. Shitty Wednesday because I've become accustomed to checking out a new episode every week. Can't wait for next season!!!
  14. Ummm I'm pretty sure that Mesa already has all the tattooers by the name Coleman that they can handle.
  15. If money really isn't an issue... go see Filip! He is extremely efficient, and he knows how to layout a legit body suit.
  16. Tatts Thomas, Cap Coleman, and Charlie Wagner were all early American Tattooers as well, although I'm not exactly sure as to where they fall on the timeline.
  17. Great opportunity for the right person! We are a full custom studio in a bustling college town nestled in the mountains of northern AZ. Our shop leans towards traditional Americana and Japanese, but we tattoo whatever comes our way. We do get some walk in traffic, but be prapared to hustle to build clientelle as we have a reputation for being an appointment only shop. Super relaxed\fun environment, but we do NOT tolerate flakes or head cases. Must have a minimum of 5 years shop experience, provide references, and be reliable. In the meantime and beyond, we are welcoming experienced guest artists. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, Tony Carey
  18. I'd be afraid that trying to incorporate flames into the equation, may give off a demonic/evil feeling to the piece. If you take this to the wrong artist, you could end up with a real mess. I would very seriously consider just going to a really good portrait artitst, and be open to his/her input. You'll end up with a much better outcome.
  19. Does anybody have any advice on how to become an ice road trucker???
  20. Thanks! The decks should be available towards the end of this summer. (Just in case anyone is interested in scoring one).
  21. If you live in Arizona, you definitely know who Aaron Coleman is! He's doing my back/ass. I'm soooooo unbelievably stoked on it. He's a super mellow dude, and he tattoos retarded fast. Maybe one of these days I'll post some progress photos.
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