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  1. Hey, my first post here, hoping you can help :) I'm in the process of having a coverup done, there's a badly designed, badly drawn Polynesian outline underneath, and a much nicer Polynesian piece going over the top. The problem is, some of the old lining is still visible around the sides and in some of the areas where the new design will be going. How accurate is the lasering process? Could it be used to remove or at least soften some of the old lines? Due to the nature of the new design there are gaps between the patterns and in some of the areas already completed you can see the old lines running underneath. Can the laser accurately pick out lines and in and around these gaps? Or does it have a wider target area that could hit the new bits too? In an ideal world I'd have lasered the old before I started the new, but being a bit of a dick I didn't go down that route. The guy doing the coverup said he can use skin coloured ink to reduce the appearance of the old bits where the new design doesn't cover it, but it's not been that effective so far and the presence of the old lines is spoiling it for me :( If these new-fangled lasers can accuratley pick out the old bits in amongst the new and in the areas yet to be done by the new bits then happy days. Thanks!