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  1. Thanks. I went for several laser consults and all of them said they can´t remove the red ink. Do you know of a method to remove red ink? Thanks for advice
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone tried this Rejuvi chemical extraction method of tattoo removal? I can't imagine it works? Thanks for advice.
  3. Yet that poster did not even bother to comment at the topic at hand and you have liked all of his posts in this thread and that of his supporters............ - - - Updated - - - Urgh the bridge makes him look like Godzilla - - - Updated - - - I am sorry, I see it as an attack. He did not simply point it out, he pointed it out using an insult. I don't take kindly to that. Furthermore he proceeded to tell me to shut my mouth.... You can definitely lock this thread/ban if you wish, it is your prerogative. You can insult my tattoo but if you take it personal, I will speak my mind.
  4. Irrespective, knowing racial slurs has nothing to do with whether English is someone's first language or not. His original post is either stupidity or an attack. I have not used the dreaded word again have I?
  5. Maybe you should of said, 'I think you are not American' instead of 'I think English may not be your first language'. In my school/country they did not teach us what American's called Japanese people. The irony of trying to attack my English............. - - - Updated - - - Well he should not of tried to attack my level of English which has nothing to do with knowing racial slurs. When you fire a shot you better be able to take it.......
  6. Oops sorry. English is my first language. I do not know all the racially derogatory words in existence and was merely making use of shorthand. If you are offended, you need to grow up........
  7. Thanks. The volcano smoke and the skyline is what is stressing me out the most. I know the dragon can be touched up for more depth and color. I am considering having crows on top of the ugly smoke. - - - Updated - - - I know most people hate the dragon reference pic but I love the humanoid, cyborg, robotic feel to it. Like it came to earth searching for something
  8. Thanks man. I do like the dragon but people on this forum made me question it now. So I am hoping another artist can rework it and give it some depth. Do you have a pic of your tattoo? - - - Updated - - - Thanks :) I really didn't want a jap dragon as everyone has it and it lost its appeal. I wanted a cyborg, futuristic, robot looking dragon. I think the tattoo needs to heal first cos it looks even worse now with the peeling and shininess so that new artist might think it is an even bigger disaster. I looked up lasering and in my country it is way too exp. I asked for a quote and it was (in equivalent) 180 dollars per session and i would need 15 sessions and that is just to remove the skyline and the volcano.
  9. Thanks very much for the advice. I am going to wait a while before going ahead with another session. I think I need to just book a consult with another artist so that I can be reassured that it can be fixed or covered up and then I can relax.
  10. The other good artists have like 6 month + waiting lists. I think I am going to consult with one of them. I wanted the dragon in black in the first place :( I don't know if you can see but it is holding the moon so I wanted it to have a curious face but it looks kinda annoyed lmfao. I also wanted it to look more robotic. I didn't tell him anything about my feelings towards the dragon because I was so horrified at the skyline that I just wanted that fixed.
  11. Thanks I will check it out. Yeah I was always unsure about my ideas but he seemed so into them so I thought it would come out fine - - - Updated - - - Thanks. Yeah I think maybe this kind of design was out of his comfort zone. I was happy with the dragon until I got everyone's feedback on it from forums :/
  12. Hi, thanks for your response. I swear it is the same artist. well I sent him about 10 images of buildings I wanted in the skyline. He basically only changed the reference to include the golden gate bridge and he removed the other new york building. And then he said as we go along he will add my other buildings. Which never happened. So you think it is possible to just blast the skyline with a new skyline. What are your opinions on the actual dragon? Here is a closer pic of the dragon:
  13. Sorry I couldn't create a thread about it since I am new and I thought this was an applicable section as well since I assume most people would not be visiting the intros section. Apologies.
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