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  1. Hello. My name is Johnny and I'm from and live in south Florida. I have 3 tattoos and I signed up to this site to get some more ideas and admire everybody else's tattoos. :)
  2. Hello my name is Jonathan and i live in wonderful south florida lol.... Im fairly new to tattoos and i have one good one and another one on my arm that was suppose to be a start of a half sleeve that i HATE and would like to cover it up so my sleeve is put on hold until i fix this so hopefully you guys/gals and this site can help me out...Thank you
  3. Thanks guys your making me feel a little better so I'll take some time to see what I wanna do. Do you think it's to evil looking? And yes it is unfinished, I got it so I can start a half sleeve all the way around to inside of my bicep. Think if I finish the whole arm it might look better?
  4. So I always to start a half sleeve tattoo so finally at 32 I did it. At first I liked it and thought it was really bad ass but than when after a couple days I started disliking the design and the quality after being educated on mine. So I need serious advice on how to handle this tattoo. I'm thinking about getting laser treatment to have it removed or faded so I can get a cover up of something I wanna wear proudly. I find myself covering this one up and not showing anybody. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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