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  1. Want tattoos different styles; totally lost

    Holy crap, Stay Humble in Baltimore looks amazing!
  2. Want tattoos different styles; totally lost

    I'd love to know what you recommend!
  3. Want tattoos different styles; totally lost

    Great post, Synesthesia; I appreciate your input. I do really like the multiple styles of tattoos. I'm definitely not wanting to look like celebrities; I just like their overall style, but I totally see what you mean. It's surprisingly difficult to find tattoo ideas of what I'm looking for online. I'd love to have a full sleeve (well, ending midway down my forearm) with a black dragon and an orange koi and a red koi, with light blue water around them. On the leg I really do like the octopus. I'd get one not totally reminiscent of the drummer from RHCP, but more my own style (or the artist's, I mean). I'd love to have different individual tattoos (just a few) on my other arm, of different styles; small art pieces that I like. The key is finding an amazing artist.
  4. Want tattoos different styles; totally lost

    I really like the styles of tattoos on Scott Shriner from Weezer and also on Rob Zombie.
  5. Want tattoos different styles; totally lost

    Thanks for the response. I just checked out Tattoo Paradise in DC - while they look good, they don't look like what I'm looking for. I'd even travel a distance for a great tattoo as long as the artist is consistently excellent. I've heard there are amazing artists in Brooklyn.
  6. Hello, I've been getting more and more interested in getting tattoos. Specifically one on my left thigh (a big tribal octopus; saw the one Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers has and I think it looks awesome), and a sleeve on my right arm down to mid-forearm where I have a couple scars I'd like to cover (multi-colored with cool electric colors like a hit of bright orange and some cool black, could be one koi and also a dragon - saw some dragonwork by Regino Gonzalez which looked cool). But I'm also interested in having like a couple different styles. I really like colorful retro comic book style also. Also like a collection of different tattoos possibly on the other arm, that all work together to look cool as a cohesive whole. I'm being very vague and I apologize for rambling, but just wanted to know of anyone's thoughts. I don't really know people who have tattoos but I've always loved them, but there's a fine line where they could either look incredible or just plain awful. I live in Washington DC. Does anyone know any great tattoo artists near DC? i want some beautiful pieces.