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  1. It was actually a phone call. Told them the apt was booked and what I wanted and the meaning behind it. There was a little hesitation but when they saw it they immediately liked it.
  2. Cdncombatmedic

    Pre and post-tattoo rituals

    Good solid meal before. Protein and carbs. 1000mg Tylenol and 800mg Advil. Bring Cliff bar, bottle water and G2 Gatorade with me during the apt. Beer after.
  3. Cdncombatmedic

    Best post tattoo care?

    I have used a product called Cicaplast with great results. Never had any scabbing. Anyone else use it?
  4. Cdncombatmedic

    Canadian Newbie And New Ink Pics

    Been lurking for awhile. Dome really good info here. My first tattoo was done this past Aug (Maple Leaf Poppy) Angel was done Nov 4 and the pocket watch with roses was done Nov 12. Pic was taken shortly after getting the last tattoo. Angel is still peeling. What of you think of my ink. Welcome all honest opinions.