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  1. Thanks for this suggestion, I was looking to binge watch a lot of the tattoo shows. A lot of it is blatantly scripted for "good" TV but sometimes gives good insights into how other artists work.
  2. Commenting to find this link later, love the TED talks. Excellent way to see things from a different perspective
  3. I'm yet to invest in a tattoo book collection though they always fascinate me. Any suggestions as a good one to start off with? I'm always hesitant as they're not cheap items to buy on the off chance of it being useful.
  4. I think the popularity of Game of Thrones has probably pushed people towards dragons a bit more too!
  5. I would say it's dependent on the context, positioning and flow of the design rather than some "rules". The whole point of tattoos and body modifications if that you create something special and unique to you, not following a tradition. Get your artist to place the transfer both ways and see which one you prefer on gut feeling.
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