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  1. I guess you are right. I have lots of faith on my artist, just wanted to get other people's views. Cheers all.
  2. Hi all Ok so I have 3 tattoos currently which are all black. I am looking to get my 4th one and perhaps my last after the New Year. I came here for help in designing my next tattoo. Yes I know I could ask my tattooist, but would love to get other people's design from all round the world. I am not a great drawer nor can I design, ergo my reason for coming here. I have 3 possible places around my body to have the tattoo so haven't really set a permanent spot. I do have some ideas floating about on what I would like. Here they are: (I am Italian...that is the reason for one of the ideas) 1. Pos
  3. Diana90

    Hi all

    B & G?? Well who knows, after my third I said no more...here I am planning a fourth. Regarding black ink, I just heard via grape vine that black ink is notorious for needing touch ups as ink doesn't set well.....is this wrong? I am on my mobile at the moment but when I get back on laptop I will explain my ideas.
  4. Diana90

    Hi all

    Glad you like them. I think I am obsessed with black tattoos, but I only found out recently that black ink is most common for not setting well. I came here to the forum to help designing my next tattoo, it may be my last. I think this time I may go for colour. I do have two possible ideas but not sure which way to go. Once I can get a thread started I will get posting asking for help lol.
  5. I just had my latest tattoo touched up. Its looking pretty off right now and has also just finished flaking. Now I have that weird looking film over it, luckily it hasn't itched, but I do find myself sleeping very cautiously. Why do we do this...lol.
  6. To be honest, there is no right or wrong way really. It's what you want that ultimately makes the choice. You also have to factor in the position on the body. I mean I have a paw...not exactly an animal but its on my wrist and its facing me.
  7. Hearing some good ideas here. I hoping to get my 4th and possible last tattoo at some point next year but I would love to start planning now. That's why I came here, hoping to get some ideas from people and designs made up. I have some ideas, but would love help from someone to throw out some designs.
  8. The ladies thread...love it. Great place for us ladies.
  9. I guess you are right. The one on my back, really has no meaning but it was my first and I will treasure it, as this was my first step at making a decision where I didn't have to put it past my parents. Saying it like that, I guess it does have meaning in a sense.
  10. Diana90

    Hi all

    Ok so here are the tattoos I have. Nothing fancy or spectacular. The paw is my latest one...looks well dodgy right now, It was recently touched up as my wrist was not taking the ink very well. The one on my calf has to be touched up soon because after taking the picture (or getting mum to take it) I noticed some little white spots where the ink fell out, so that needs to be done. They aren't the best work of my artist and I know some may post negative words, please refrain from this as it will make me very paranoid lol.
  11. Diana90

    Hi all

    I will get some pictures up soon.
  12. Looks really good. I am not keen on sleeve tattoos, but it depends what you have and your looks well done and pretty artistic. Thought went into that, treasure it and look after it well. Sun lotion pal will be your best friend for next several years.
  13. Woo some weird looking ones. Damn....to have a awful looking tattoo must be depressing as your stuck with it unless you get it fixed by a decent artist. The lion looks scrappy!
  14. I think every artist in the world will have a slightly different after care advice. I followed mines to a T and all three have turned out looking good. My after care was this: After leaving the studio, my newly done tattoo was covered and I left this on for about 2-3 hours. After removing the cover I washed it with non-scented soap and warm water...not hot. After rinsing off the soap (I did not put my new tattoo under running water, I sprinkled water on til the soap was all gone) I patted it dry with a clean cloth I used specifically for this throughout the healing process and left it to air
  15. I got my first tattoo aged 19. It was on my lower back and it was a tribal design. I liked the design I have but had I put more thought into it, I would have made it tad bigger and slightly more meaning full then just a simple design. I think all my three are good, but the most out of all I think was my latest one as this one has the most meaning to me.
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