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  1. Thanks all! More to the physical aspect of the art form, my hands are shit and back is long gone, hehe. Never say never though indeed. Yeah, I have one Trevino piece on my chest, in between period maybe? My friend began some dragon work around the same time. Do remember he had just came back from Japan either the day of my appt or the day before and showed me a scribbled sheet of paper of something he had drawn on the flight. Asked if I wanted it, I said yes. It had been maybe a 6 month wait list back then.
  2. Staggerlee

    Satanic Swallow

    Chris Trevino/Horimana (have never seen anything similar, so pardon the crop… : ) got it in 95 I believe, the white still pops….)
  3. Howdy. James. Am an artist when time allows, painting, drawing, hell just about anything, medium wise I can get my hands on…. other than a machine, of which I used a nicely built homemade machine as a stoned 13 year old(am in my 40s now) on the gentleman that gave me my first tattoo. I don't have the hands for it, so I would never attempt again.
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