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  1. Thanks for all your great feedback, guys. I like that rose cuff :) Not going for a full sleeve, but would not mind the tattoo being pretty big. But don’t want to cover lower arm completely. Iwar: I’m located in Bergen, and I’ve read the terms and conditions :) My tattoo appointment is on Thursday! Yay!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, guys. The signs are definitly going away. Not that I think that they're downright ugly. It's just that they've never felt like a part of me, they do not in any way represent my personality, and I am actually tired of answeing everyone's questions about their meaning ... It's not that I'm opposing roses, and after looking at various rose tattoos, it's growing on me. So I'll see what I'll do. My biggest fear is to end up with just another tattoo that I don't like ... :-/
  3. If I were you, I would just say that you don't copy art - but that you wouldn't mind making a sketch of what you'd like to draw for them. Everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere - even if it is arts, nature, Google or whatever.
  4. Hello. I got my first two tattoos aged 18. And I was disappointed with them more or less from the start as they weren't thought through. I just wanted tattoos – and basically got the first one on my birthday, and the second one a few months later. Now, 15 years later I want to get more tattoos, and the first thing I’m going to do is to cover up the two I’ve got. I’ve spoken to the shop where I want to have it done – and they recommend using roses. At first I was a bit reluctant, but according to them that is the best solution. See the attached photos – any advice and opinion would be much
  5. I did exactly like you in my not so mature youth - and had a tattoo made over my sigarette scar afterwards. You can hardly see the scar now, and it all went fine With the tattoo. The stupid thing is that I now regret the tattoo I got (aged 18)... So now I need a cover up! :D - - - Updated - - - I mean, I don't regret getting a tattoo. I just regret having a Chinese sign...
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