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  1. How's Wilma!!? Lol!

  2. Hey! I'm at three kings til Sunday, swing by!

  3. I appreciate that you looked!! And ps I'm doing an owl tmrw

  4. I'd love to!

  5. What a blast! Add me on facebook!

  6. I will be at these shops on these dates with openings to spare. I'd love to tattoo some LST'ers if they are so inclined -- it's always nice to meet people from this community! March 3 - 9, Musink & Sid's Tattoo Parlour, Santa Ana, CA April 6 - 10, Three Kings Tattoo, Brooklyn NY April 11 - 14, Chicago Tattoo Company, Chicago IL April 15 & 16, Mt Idy Tattoo (just have one spot open) April 17 & 18, Tattoo Paradise DC (I can take appointments on the 19th as well, just no walk ins...) Thanks for all your feedback and for telling your friends! Lizzie
  7. You guys rule!

  8. Lizzie

    tim cardinal

    Thank you!!!!
  9. Whoa! Timing is impeccable!

  10. Hi guys! Hope the web biz isn't stressing you guys out too much. I wanted to mention - there should be a feature tha tyou cn organize your photos in their galleries into what order you'd like them in. I almost threw a full on hissy fit today when I tried uploading them in every freaking which way possible to get them to show up in a chronological order of progress, and had no way of doing it. Same with the tattoo galleries -- you can't have a before/after shot intentionally fall one after the other. Anyway. Hope that you can use the suggestions!

  11. I'm really excited to be back in California for Musink and a couple of days at our good friend Sid's tattoo parlor. If you'll be at Musink, let's get in touch and see if we can't share a beer or two or three... And being that I'm in CA, my glaucoma might also be acting up. LOL I have a few really exciting appointments planned, all really cool custom work that clients chose specifically for me. No, "Can you do this giger sleeve in a way taht paul booth would?" bullshit! Anyway, if you'll be there, hit me up!
  12. Hey! It would be a lot of fun to do another ugly bird like those vultures, or a lady head is always my number one favourite. You let me knokw!!!

  13. Lizzie

    danielle BEFORE

    She had a pretty vicious falling out with the person who did it, and I don't blame her for wanting to cover it up in the aftermath! Such a bummer!
  14. Not sure, but I'll post here for sure if I am!

  15. I'm in CA for Musink, with an additional day at Sid's! And I just added to my LST portfolio but it's the same thing on my website :-)

  16. Lizzie

    kats heart legs

    kat's legs2
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