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  2. Thanks for your responses! Very helpful. Forgot to mention that business takes me to Denver about once per month. Thoughts on Denver artists and traditional Japanese style?
  3. Hi all. Joining the site after lurking for a bit. I am learning and researching for my first tattoo. I have some ideas and know what I like....also very aware that I know little. I am highly aware how easy it is to get a bad or mediocre tattoo. So I'm here to learn! I want to make a thoughtful and meaningful choice for my first tatto and artist. Not trying to over think it and I am realistic with my expectations (I am selective but not impossible to deal with). I am willing and able to pay for good work and also willing to travel for it (I live in a fairly rural area, but within 3-4 hours of Chicago or Minneapolis.) I have wanted a tattoo and admired the good ones for many years. Two things have held me back from getting started: I detest bad, amateurish tattoos (and see a lot of them!). This site is helping a lot to resolve that fear. And I have been working in a very straightlaced, tight@$$ company, career and position. Plus my wife was dead set and rabidly against it. Well, F that. Not starting out with grand plans for a sleeve or suit. I just want to get a nice first tattoo and go from there. I like old school and Japanese styles the best. Last thing is, I am 50 years old. My skin is in decent shape, I suppose. Interested in feedback on challenges that old skin might represent. Hey if I blew it by waiting too long, I know I can get straight talk here. Looking forward to learning from all the knowledgeable people here.