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    I'm a husband, dad, tattooer, and a person that runs a lot.
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    savannah, ga
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  1. Thanks! the one on the shirt? its actually a combo of three sheets.
  2. Hmmm yeah I remember, but usually Montreal is all a blur. - - - Updated - - - Man that was a while ago, and pre the new shop which is super rad.
  3. @misteralthen is mine, and its the usual, tattoos I have done and a bunch of other random stuff.
  4. this is my back, done by Russ Abbott, I think right after it was finished, roughly 5 years ago now I think.
  5. Skull in rose on hand, I didn't do the lettering
  6. Hand in flower on my friend Julie, the 5 is for her 5th wedding anniversary.
  7. Scott Althen


    Boxer dude.
  8. hello all, I am sorta new to this site, I thought I'd done this before but either way I am here now. my name is Scott Althen, I'm from Savannah, GA where I am also currently located working at Black Orchid Tattoo. I've been tattooing for the last 10 years here in Savannah , and a couple years bouncing around the Tri-State area at, just to name a few, True Blue in Queens, Jersey City Tattoo, and Mercury Tattoo. I do hope I can add something to the conversations on this site and meet some new peoples.
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