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  1. I think the artist wold be able to fix it really easily with black ink. But in my opinion, I think it would look weirder than the original picture. it would look as if the dog only had its lower teeth! If you asked me I think it is fine the way it is. Reminds me of the Sailor Jerry bull dog with the helmet! may be that can be your next one!! BTW is this tattoo representing the same dog on your other arm?
  2. This is a "softcore" life changing scenario comparing to hands neck and face. haha. The only certainty in life are death and uncertainty :cool:
  3. Thankyou for the Advice! My artist always let me look at the mirror before the execution. Good ideas on wearing a loose collar shirt. Last thing I need is an accidental neck tattoo. hahaha - - - Updated - - - I agree, with tattoos on upper arms areas peeking out of short sleeve. You are perceived as a tattooed person and to go into "conceal" mode, the only option is long sleeve anyway! That was my rationale as well. haha. It's kinda summer here in the area I am living in so I am walking around with t-shirt. Experimenting with long sleeve conceal mode at my part time job at the bar. But I couldn't be bothered. Most customers don't really care if the guy who is pulling them a pint is tattooed or not. But decision has been made, clock has already ticked, there is no going back ! :cool:
  4. Nice to hear that. I hated my inner bicep as well as part that hit my "side of the elbow" and towards the armpit. But it was all worth it.
  5. Yeah, probably a dagger. Kinda like your. But I definitely want to have a little gap between the "base" of the neck so it will not be visible. Looking forward to the pain on the boney areas!
  6. haha Thank you guys! Good to know I am not alone. I felt like a completely new chapter of my life began after the forearms and I don't know if I was thinking too much! My next mission is to get "something" through my neck then fulfill the gaps on the arms!
  7. I began my interests in tattoos about a year ago and started my first one after last new year (personal gift). I started from inner biceps and slowly making my way up and down the upper arms areas until both arms are pretty filled up. The tattoos were not really "seen" or noticed by other people since t-shirts would cover them really well. I never really had plans for forearms (I am originally from Thailand (now studying in the UK)which is very hot and it would be a pain to wear long sleeve to work) but eventually I couldnt resist the temptation! A couple weeks ago, I got both of my forearms done all in one week (bad appointments timing). Since then I feel that my tattoos have become more visible and I would have to really wear long sleeve to conceal them occasionally which is not a big deal. But I feel like forearms tattoos have become a big move in my life and it sort of crossed the line of "socially acceptable" tattoos (but who gives a f*ck). I get much more stares and grabbing actions from random people and friends. I just wonder if any of you felt the little "life changing" feeling/moment/realization/sensation after your forearms tattoos? hehe:cool: For me I feel excited about the life that lies ahead being covered in tattoos.
  8. All your works are bold and beautiful:cool:. I really like the Dagger through your neck. Did it hurt too bad on the boney bits of your shoulder ?
  9. Psychedelic Road Kill Falcon :cool: Third Eye Russian Criminal tattoo inspired :cool:
  10. Jon Longstaff Black Dog
  11. Ballsy Factotum, Norwich
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