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    the professor reacted to Ursula in Pin Up Girls   
    So we've got a lady head thread, how about an entire lady body thread!
    Here's one that I've always liked! It's by Mike Wilson. And if you knew the guy in the photo, please know I mean no disrespect by posting this, he was a friend of mine to, and he had and did some awesome tattoos.

    I really like the simplicity of the design. The shading is so minimal yet so effective.
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    the professor reacted to David Flores in Tattooers Top Five   
    First I would like to say thanks for everyone sharing their lists. A lot of very influential and important people in tattooing listed. One other topic that came up while talking over the list was the moment you decided to start tattooing. What or who was the catalyst that made you make the decision to actually pursue tattooing as a career.
    Ross always tells me the story of getting tattooed and having Freddy Corbin suggest to him to start tattooing. Not quite sure if Freddy was serious Ross thought to call one another friend of his Eric Maaske and see what he thought of the idea and he also thought it was a good idea. So as Ross would put it "Those two are to blame." To me it just seems like a story that wouldn't happen as much today.
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    the professor reacted to David Flores in Tattooers Top Five   
    I know there are a million lists, but I would consider this more of an exercise.
    Typical day at the shop a topic came up yesterday, who are the top 5 people in the tattoo world that directly influenced you as a tattooer? It's a question that I have seen asked of a lot of aspiring tattooers who come into the shop looking for work, but would love to hear from some of the great tattooers on the forum.
    Since I am not a tattooer, I will share the best list gathered yesterday from Ross Ferrie of Acme Tattoo (formerly of Deluxe Tattoo) in Portland Oregon. This list personifies his style and attitude perfectly in my opinion.
    Pinky Yun
    Freddy Corbin
    Eric Maaske
    Chris Conn
    Terry Tweed
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    the professor reacted to mario desa in Collecting different styles   
    just cram 'em all in there. i don't get it when people plan their whole bodies out or want all this "balance". do they plan on posing around naked all the time for us to scrutinize? most of the time people only see our arms anyway.
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    the professor reacted to kylegrey in Panther Tattoos   
    A true traditional tattooer Tokyo Hiro obviously spent his time at Spotlight well ,his panthers have that classic cool look.
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    the professor reacted to kylegrey in Full Back Piece Thread   
    Heres Josh Arments backpiece referred to by Scott elsewhere on here and rendered by Bob Roberts -crazy cool!!
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    the professor reacted to Scott Sylvia in Tattoos for Guys   
    and thats why shes my wife......its hard to pick one. thats how you end up coverd head to toe. just trying to get the coolest one over and over, like a god damn goldfish.....i hate dudes who have hand and neck tattoos that dont even have full sleeves... just saying you dont get crazy tattoo status with out getting tattooed you just get douche bag awards.
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    the professor reacted to Avery Taylor in Marcus Kuhn's New Project   
    Here is a video that I found on Marcus's Facebook.
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    the professor reacted to Bryan Burk in Japanese tattoo politics   
    thanks for the tip
    Like most tattooers, I think Horiyoshi tattoos who he wants, and doesn't tattoo anyone he doesn't want to tattoo. I also know that, as of Taku's last trip to Japan, Horiyoshi was still doing some color by hand, at his discretion. I've spent a good amount of time with him, and it's my opinion that when he decides to do his final tattoo, it'll be done partially by hand. I think it's part of his soul, and he'll never give it up totally.
    again, just my opinions, what do I know?
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    the professor reacted to Bryan Burk in Panther Tattoos   
    I think Ed pushed the panther envelope way farther than it had been before, looking at the invisible man book shows it. He really dismantled the image and made it his own. They're really popular now, but I think like when he did Arment's chest, maybe 10 years ago, he was pretty much only tattooer I know doing that stuff at that level (feel free to fill me in anyone). I remember a customer asked me to tattoo one of his Panther/Rose mash-up paintings around that time, and I was really hesitant, like "that's Ed's art, it's his own thing"...
    times have changed
    Bob R. also worked really hard to make his own kind of standard 3/4 panther head, and it's cool because it has no neck, but it works great. Really tough to draw, I know cause I was obsessed with it after he put one on me in 98, I spent so much time trying to get it down.
    for tigers, I think Lehi is pretty much in his own league, with Ed also on that level again
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