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  1. My son is Gianluca. I am his Father. Darth Vader is bad ass. Sooooo I got this last night.
  2. I think you're right about color. Especially if its something that I want to add onto later in time it might not make it jive well. Artist is Mike Gladwell. He's done 2 pieces on me already & we work well together. His line work is nice which is obviously key for a piece like this. Thanks Syn for the response.
  3. Hello all, Since I got some good advice last time about some ideas I had I figured I'd stop by since I am in the early phase of planning my next tattoo. I went by the shop today and was able to secure a date in 2 months from now. Any input, ideas, etc is always appreciated. The Placement - Left Ankle/Calve ( currently bare ) The idea - a 360 degree tattoo building an international skyline around leg. I'm guessing 4 buildings/sites based off of my skinny legs but will be talking to my artist this week in which we will discuss his thoughts on what we can fit. Anyways the idea is having famo
  4. I received the tattoo so I figured I share a pic. Will re-post when it heals. Got it done on Friday night. This was taken at the shop. I was bigger then I expected but very glad with the size. Omitted the rays around the head and had an idea about a halo but I decided to leave off & revisit later if I change my mind. Thanks to all who shared thoughts/opinions etc whether you liked the idea or didn't. ( or whether you like the tat or not lol )
  5. I just got IG back after a year. follow at @grunkypepe and I'll follow back
  6. Thanks, the artist is from the UK so this really made sense and what I was looking for. Thanks! - - - Updated - - - If 1 day I become a drug addicted gangster then you jinxed me!! haha jk thanks! - - - Updated - - - again makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for chiming in. Graeme, I agree about the traditional Jesus and do have a plan for that down the road. misterJ it does remind me of Poe as well. A tell tale heart could easily be taken as the sacred heart. Opinions aside do either of you or anyone else have an idea of the original question re: the spider web? Thanks!
  8. I'm actually getting this tattoo done this friday ( 2/6 ) and I am somewhat going back & forth on the spider web on the forehead. I looked it up and most says gang affilation or jail time while other things say drug addiction. The picture is of an artists interpration of Jesus in the Victorian Era. ( the sacred heart, the way his hand is ). Anyways I am extremely stoked about this piece but I just don't get the spider web part which can easily be omitted ( look wise I do like it ) but in all honesty I'd feel funny if someone asked me to explain a part of my tat and didn't have a solid expl
  9. rivgambino

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    Welcome...cool ideas
  10. Thank you! I wasn't sure if people would rip on my work bc it's not huge pieces but either way its cool. Started off small and working my way up! lol. Thanks again! - - - Updated - - - thanks Tornado! My mother passed in 06 and always thought I would do the traditonal Mom Heart tattoo but the plane sky writing her name got in my head one day and then the dilemma became who would the pilot be & I thought a frog bc she was a leap year baby but I wasn't keen on that idea so my wife said what about Churchill who was our family cat that passed in 2012 & we had her for 17 years & that
  11. I'm not an artist but as a client whether its a google image result or something from a book etc I would expect to show the image to my artist & say what I want based off that image then let him make any modifications he would like since he's the artist then based off that we go from there. I'm sure some people though are sticklers and want exactly what they see but IMO you have to give your artist some freedom but thats just my 2 pennies.
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