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  1. This little clique here is so passive aggressive. If you are going to address me, quote something I said and not something someone else said to me. And when you address me don't exagerate what has been said. I have not shit on anyone's tattoo. I gave an honest opinion about an octopus tattoo that I did not care for, in a gentle manner. I don't think I was mean spirited towards the owl tattoo either, but i guess it came off wrong. Obviously I have offended people here and that was totally not my intent, as this "motherfucker" has worn out his welcome. I am sarcastic by nature and some of my jokes have been misinterpreted. Maybe it is the language barrier or the sometimes difficult nature of conversing on the internet? But I see that i'm not going to be well received here in the future. With that I will say @Graeme thanks for the lead on Walter's in Brooklyn, and kiss my ass you grumpy Hobbit wannabee :) And Iwar "They're shit flowers IWAR, from here they look like regular flowers but when you get down and poke your nose in them you realize they're shit flowers, and there's a whole fucking bouquet of them!" *Can a mod IM me how to delete my account can't figure this fucking thing out
  2. Thanks for the sage advice. I'll take that into account if I ever plan on shitting on someones tattoo or stating how shitty their tattoo is.
  3. @2bacanvas I apologize if you took any offense to my critique of your tattoo or took it as me shitting all over it. I hope whatever you decide to do, you are pleased with the end result. Good luck with the rest of your sleeve.
  4. Good luck with your recovery. Hoping you have clear pathology report.
  5. Welcome Chadrick, This is a pretty good tattoo site for information and discussion. I've been on a few others and this one gets more activity than most, so more enthusiasts will see your topics, which is good. What do you have planned for your upcoming tattoo? Post up anything you already have if you don't mind sharing.
  6. It's good, this gave @Graeme the opportunity to try and make me a fool and run me out.
  7. I'm new, Graeme doesn't like me for some reason. Maybe I don't have the quality and amount of work he has. Maybe my last post about the owl came across wrong, probably did. My apologies. But I don't think I warranted being lambasted like that. It's fine though. If I let some asshole Internet tattoo dolt bother me I wouldn't be the cool motherfucking husband, dad and friend I am to everyone who knows me.
  8. Big talk from some internet Mayor up in Canada, Eh? What do you want to fight me? LOL Just to stick up for myself the octopus guy asked for opinions. I was honest. I have tattoos I don't like on myself. You can go fuck yourself, motherfucker. Everything is found on instagram or the internet, captain obvious......
  9. Or we could rip into him for not following directions and posting in the initiation thread first. At least he didn't start his own thread for a tattoo.
  10. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  11. Hate to rehash old news but I tried to search this and couldn't find the thread. Could someone link this so I can read about this? Thanks
  12. A birds mouth is it's beak. It is kinda odd if you look at the pic as a small thumbnail it look like you have a tattoo of Count Dracula.. Not sure what all that black, mouth shaped shading is for. Will he highlight some feathers with white in that area?
  13. Welcome to LST. Would you mind sharing who your artist will be and what you are getting?
  14. Best of luck. Cancer worries me as it runs on both sides of my family. My Mother's father died of lung cancer that spread to his brain and lymph nodes. My Father's mother had breast cancer and survived a double masectomy. I have a lot of odd shaped and colored moles, which I have had checked. I plan on getting close to full coverage on my body and always wondered if tattoos would hide any problematic moles and make me miss them until it was too late. Again good luck in your fight.
  15. If you do decide to go with this design, he would probably knock it out the park. I agree with @bongsau and it took me 20 hours worth of a leg sleeve, which is now a cover up project, to see the light.
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