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  1. Need to get you dpw boys/family up here for some good old camping and fishing times. love and stuff. M

  2. Hi Billy. Im good. Hope the same for you and yours. Steady as she goes. Im Looking for a seasoned grounded tattooer to come make pretty with me here in Portland. If you know of anyone, please have them contact me. I need someone with some time under their belt that is still fired up to do great works and open still to evolving artistically. Let me know. Love and respect, M

  3. Hello. That would mostly likely have been Miss Amanda. She's adorable. Has a wonderful collection of tattoos on her by SF artists. I had the challenge to rework and add upon her exisiting chest piece. For me, Its all about how the design flatters that area or not. Thanks for noticing. M

  4. Hi Loch. All is good. The shop is doing well. We built it to last. Im proud to say, It didnt sink in the harbor upon launching. Weve made it out of the channels and into open water without any incident. The ship is sound. Shes weatherd a couple storms early on...and seems to have settled into being a place were we can enjoy making pretty pictures on people. Woot! Don't forget to interview some grrrl tattooers on here. Id like to suggest Darcy Nutt. I dont know her personally, but man can that lil girl do some good tattooing. She is universally skilled. Does not seem to regurgitate the same old imagery. Ive been keeping my eye on her work the past couple of years. Top Notch in my book. Come visit Portland sometime. I love it here. Hated it as a kid. Cheerios, M

  5. Hi darling Dari,

    I hope you and the family are doing great. All is good in Ptown. Im not sure how much time I can devote to this site. Just wanted to show my support and love. Ill put some time into exploring it, and see what I can contribute. Many blessings and mych love, M

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