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    OneAndOnly reacted to Rad Kelham in Apprenticeship horror stories   
    I'm about 3 months into my apprenticeship. Last week my mentor says "Set up a machine and draw up some small designs right now, I have someone coming in for you to tattoo in about 30 minutes."
    "Are you sure this is a good idea? Who is coming in?" I asked.
    "Just some big biker guy I know."
    I was shaking so bad that I could hardly get the machine set up. Hell I hadn't yet been taught how to use a machine. I wasn't sure if this was for real or a joke, but this is definitely the kind of thing he would line up just for the sake of fucking with me. I imagined some gnarly big dude he met at the local dive bar.
    I'm sitting at my station frantically drawing a spider and a skull and I hear the back door ring and my mentor say "Hey man come on in, he's just finishing up your drawing."
    I walk over to the station shaking and see a grapefruit sitting on the chair.
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