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  1. Tattoo machines for sale: Dan Kubin MC-14 Dan Kubin MC 14 Mini Cranker Rotary | eBay Dan Dringerberg P-3 SHADER Dringerberg Tattoo Machine P 3 Blued Shader | eBay THANKS!!
  2. Selling both my copies of the Amund Ditzel books by Jon Reiter, both in great condition, like new. VOLUME I: These Old Blue Arms The Life and Work of Amund Ditzel by Jon Riter Book | eBay VOLUME II:These Old Blue Arms The Life and Work of Amund Ditzel Volume II by Jon Riter B | eBay Dan Dringerberg P-3 Shader (Blued), recent frame refinish and parts all original. Dringerberg Tattoo Machine P 3 Blued Shader | eBay Will have 2 more machines for sale, Dan Kubin MC-14 and low hours Dringerberg with recent refinish and parts.
  3. Selling my copy of the Iron Will/Two Year Autopsy book from Grime. Bought it in 2010 when it first came out. If any body is interested you can check out the link. THANKS Iron Will Two Year Autopsy by Grime 2010 Hard Cover Out of Print | eBay
  4. seen the wrapping technique in person and it really does work, it is capable of saving some intense shading (scabbing type) and it all heals evenly. It does take more work and the wrapping steps can not be missed or it defeats its purpose. Alot of trouble but if your tattoo artist has a heavy hand you might want to look into it
  5. Getting misspelled tattoos will probably become a new trend. Just like getting a minimalist tattoo such as a traditional tattoo in contrast to a hyper-realistic tattoo.
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  7. One time, young me, worked at this shop and had about 4 months of tattooing never really apprenticed because thats just the way they did it at this shop. Hustle and bustle type street shop where anything went, as long as you had a tattoo machine and kinda could draw you where in. The shop is a chicano style black and gray shop owned by a rapper/tattooer, he even had a recording studio in the back where everyone would get "LOCO". One busy day at the shop, everyone was tattooing, I was working on some dude who I can say was one of my first customers that digged the work and came back. When he came back he would always just be hammered, drunk out of his mind. Horrible way to tattoo but didn't know better, 2 forties while getting tattooed was a regular sight. So I would just struggle to get him to stand still while putting the stencil, think we where doing some lettering on his forearm, some super gangster stuff. I got it on, sat him on the chair and started working. Dude would just go to sleep and leave his arm on the rest for me to go to work on. If you have never tattooed a sleep drunk forearm before, I can tell you it takes a lot of maneuvering and handling just to keep it on the arm rest and get a straight line. It really takes a third arm, a conscious third arm. Very concentrated on the tattoo, next thing I hear it sounded like a door had just fallen of its hinges and slammed on the floor hard. Abuelo, who we called Abuelo because he looked old even though he was like 22, he was tattooing next to me, so when he stood up to see what was going on I did too and went right behind. The waiting area was separated from the tattooing area so we had to walk through a door to see what was going on. As soon as we step into the other room I see abuelo pull out his gun, which I never knew he had, and start shooting at 3 guys wearing bandannas trying rob the shop. That loud smack that I had heard before was them shooting a warning shot into the roof demanding the money, something that we couldn't hear because of the loud music. Abuelo pulling out his secret gun was more than enough to make me do the quickest mid run 360 you could imagine and go in the opposite direction towards the back door. Abuelo unloading the entire clip on them made them have the same reaction, running for their lives. Abuelo had a horrible shot and didnt hit anything, definitely Pulpfictionish. They got in a car, Abuelo and some other dude chased them on the freeway, but their car broke down about 2 exits down and they got away. As for my client he was still passed on the chair and never even knew any of this had happened, I sat down and finish it and another day of job well done was over.
  8. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/member/18047-really-bad-tattoo-being-covered.html&imageuser=53197 this one is pretty bad, in the process of covering it up.
  9. Got one on eBay too, not sign but in good condition. its up for grabs, if you guys are interested: Iron Will Two Year Autopsy by Grime 2010 Hard Cover Out of Print | eBay
  10. Tattoos are a permanent thing, I worked in a chicano style shop where we would do a lot of script and actually got very good at. Its always important to think why you're getting that persons name but usually if you are committed to the idea there is very little chance that you'll change your mind. I have countless stories of people getting there boyfriend/girlfriends name and it almost always turned sour, but heck I was all about hearing that story. Another thing to keep in mind, Go big or Go home. if you get a tattoo, get it a descent size, it just looks better and it helps the tattoo do better over time
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