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    no ragrets
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    Selling my copy of the Iron Will/Two Year Autopsy book from Grime. Bought it in 2010 when it first came out. If any body is interested you can check out the link. THANKS Iron Will Two Year Autopsy by Grime 2010 Hard Cover Out of Print | eBay
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    The final result of my chest piece.
    Done by Robert Aalbers of Clean Solid Tattoos in Waalwijk, The Netherlands.
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    Tattoos are a permanent thing, I worked in a chicano style shop where we would do a lot of script and actually got very good at. Its always important to think why you're getting that persons name but usually if you are committed to the idea there is very little chance that you'll change your mind. I have countless stories of people getting there boyfriend/girlfriends name and it almost always turned sour, but heck I was all about hearing that story. Another thing to keep in mind, Go big or Go home. if you get a tattoo, get it a descent size, it just looks better and it helps the tattoo do better over time
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