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  1. Thats real topic,My opinion regarding to the Tattoos and blues at the flamingo hotel santa rosa schedule.Tattoos and Blues in Santa Rosa offers 3 days of tattooing and body piercing by some of the worlds finest artists. Competitions, seminars, live blues music, circus acts, and fine foods round out the festival.Blues music is played throughout the day in the Flamingo bar along with a snake dancer and other novelty acts.
  2. jckjones29

    Top 10 items left behind in hotel rooms

    Nice topic,I am write some my opinion regarding to this topic.Top 10 items left behind in hotel rooms 1.Odd shoes and items of clothing 2.Laptops 3.Jewelry 4.Mobile phone chargers 5. Car keys and house keys 6. Toiletries bags 7. Adult toys 8. Electric toothbrushes 9. Underwear 10.False teeth and hearing aids