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  1. Garver to continue on my arm and Rubendall to finally finish my leg! I had appointments in April for both then you know, the Corona. I am a little twitchy about flying to NYC for Garver, TBH. I plan to drive to LI for Mike.
  2. @Subzino Just plan your full body suit and be done with it. 🙂
  3. @Kassan0va If your tattoo is red and painful, go see a doctor!
  4. That is a nice tattoo! The people commenting don't understand the original, so their comments shouldn't hold any value to you.
  5. Absolutely require disinfecting phones (they are nasty). I have also seen folks prohibiting outside food and drink but if it's sealed, you can easily disinfect that.
  6. Leave it alone and get more tattoos around it. No one will notice it except for you.
  7. I have two new pieces of artwork - an O'Donnell piece and a Garver piece!
  8. @Oiocha Pagoda cancelled today. It's the right choice but I am sad!
  9. My appointments with Garver and Rubendall were cancelled. Blah. That being said, I do have a cool commission happening. 🙂
  10. Hi All - I hope that everyone is safe and well. My heart is broken for all of our friends and family that have been furloughed or had income disruptions. I have been doing what I can to support!
  11. Gah...hoping that my appointments can still go on next month in NYC. #covid19
  12. So, koi heading down means you have completed your transformation and journey. Congrats on that. My dragon koi faces in progress.
  13. Think less is more. Unless you have a giant arm, you have more than enough going on. Let the design breathe.
  14. @Hogrider - Many of the "brightener" product contain Vitamin C and/or some other types of mild acids (re: not retinols but salicylic acid) sold in regular "anti-aging" facial creams. The "brighteners" simply exfoliate. My concern around these product is sun exposure. Anytime you use Vit C or mild acids, the number one rule is to avoid sun exposure due to increased sun sensitivity.
  15. Happy healing! @Virtualanimegf
  16. My advice: sit well, tip well and don't bring drama (no micromanaging). See how it goes. Good luck!
  17. Let's play this through. Your artist tattoos you while sick. Your work looks subpar. You get sick. The name of this post would have been "My tattoo looks horrible because my artis was sick...why didn't they just cancel! I have this crappy tattoo forever! Plus I had to take a week off work because I'm sick!"
  18. Leave it be. Remember, laser isn't like an eraser. Doesn't work like that...let it heal and it will settle.
  19. Whomever said that to you was a jerk. First, the tattoo was for your mom and dad - it's yours and you got it for all the right reasons. Second, I don't know if it was a "friend" that said this to you. Regardless, the comment was inappropriate. If you have a chance, you should tell them how much the comment upset you. THEN, get on with enjoying your new tattoo.
  20. Looks good. Let it heal. My only coverup (after a bunch of laser) needed a touchup in about a year. I think you have nice tattoo!
  21. Happy healing and welcome!!
  22. You are right - get it done and you never have to do it again! @Oiocha