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  1. ^This^ I think that I have about a 13 various roses at this point. Keep it simple and clean!
  2. More work on my arm this weekend...only a few hours scheduled but I'll take it.
  3. To gently patient. Laser is going to take several treatments spaced 2 months apart to even potentially get it light enough for any cover up.
  4. PICO or Q-Switched laser? I had a small black tattoo lasered a few years ago. It didn't respond well at all. I did six sessions over the course of a year with a Q-Switched laser which was the only type available in my area. After six sessions, it was finally light enough for up for a coverup. Good luck! I know the neck must suck...good luck!
  5. Where are you located? Choosing an artist and style can also help you think about content. You can do a miss mash of things you like or you can follow a's really up to you. Check out this thread:
  6. Don't use a lotion with sunscreen in it yet...your tattoo is still healing!
  7. Is it red? Hot? Is there puss? I think it looks odd but but not infected. Are you over moisturizing?
  8. Um, you keep thinking the second day hurts less! Go for the Positive Mental Attitude. Hint: it may hurt worse, it may hurt less but it will probably still hurt. I've done it and I can't say the second day hurts less. Just take super good care of yourself...prepare for battle. 🙂
  9. Our immune systems are finicky things. Even being run down a little can impact how you heal.
  10. I'm not a doctor and always err on the side of caution when folks say things like "red", "sore" and "pus". I don't see what looks like infection but if you are concerned, go to the doctor. Meanwhile, take your vitamins, probiotics and eat right. Your body just isn't handling this session well. It happens.
  11. Welcome. You can post here with details. I truly hope that you are not dying, just freaking out. 🙂
  12. Lovely! I feel like @Hogrider at times. Your piece is great!
  13. Let me ask you this and sorry if you said it somewhere else. What is it that you are looking to get? @gtrjunior
  14. This. I think from both sides it's a recipe for misery. The artist most likely is going to lose focus (who doesn't after a long day). I have sat for 6-7 hours a few times and I always say I won't do it again. Between breaks (even short ones) the time really adds up. Then, you are a giant open wound just asking for an infection. It really takes a toll on your body. PRICE shouldn't have anything to do with your decision. Save your money and get the tattoo(s) you really want.
  15. What are you doing for aftercare?
  16. That sounds lovely! @Nikki
  17. Welcome, Nikki! What part of the world are you from?
  18. Philly peeps. Should be rad! 4/26 and 4/27. Fishtown, PA
  19. @Vanessa Rae No one said it was a bad tattoo! I am very curious to know how it held up. It's looks very well applied. Have a great day!