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    What do you moisturize with?

    I switch it up...I have used all of the above. When things get really bad, I use coconut oil. Eucerin is also good stuff.
  2. Old Soul in Canonsburg, PA released their line up for Oktoberfest weekend. Is anyone planning on going? It's a crazy time!
  3. If you want to do it, do it!
  4. Gingerninja

    Hi guys, and a question

    I hate this stuff. Part of the experience is the vibe. I get that artists are human, too but the not having time to draw is a red flag. WHO SAYS THAT OUT LOUD? Can you drop by the shop? Explain that the situation made you uncomfortable? If not, then if you really were excited to have this person make something for you, do it. Me, I would tend towards the latter.
  5. Gingerninja

    HELP is my new tattoo infected???

    DOCTOR. Now. Go.
  6. Gingerninja

    New and Terrified! :)

    Good decision @Surface! If you read the initiation posts here, the forum is filled with tattoo regret posts. Don't put yourself in that position. 🙂
  7. Gingerninja

    New and Terrified! :)

    Hey...welcome. Get the okay from your doctor first! While some anxiety is normal, if you are super stressed then maybe you shouldn't start with a 1/2 sleeve, which is an ambitious project for a first tattoo. Maybe think about getting something smaller as a test to see how you react and heal. There is no rush in making the decision.
  8. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Whoa @viezure. That is insane!
  9. Gingerninja

    Hey to everyone

    Agree with @Hogrider! 🙂
  10. Gingerninja

    Some of the worst ever.

    I am not opposed to freehand custom tribal - at all. I mean, look at Sef Kavafornia's work. Actually, compare his work to the photo above. Post review, IMO, there *is* no comparison. It's not snobbery to know the difference between a good tattoo, a mediocre tattoo and a bad tattoo. Of course, criticism needs to be fair and not personal. All good if you don't like traditional tattoos but to Dan's point, traditional tattoos are not the same as jailhouse tattoos. There may be an overlap is some imagery but they are vastly different things (do some research on the history of both American traditional, jailhouse, Chicano, and Russian tattoos). As far as today's tattoos looking like shite in 20 years, I have this to offer - everything has a "date" associated with it. Clothes, hair, cars - whatever. Just because it is from a different decade doesn't mean that it's shite. Maybe less fashionable, but quality is quality.
  11. Gingerninja

    Hey to everyone

    Just use this thread for now! How about going back to the same artist for suggestions?
  12. Gingerninja

    Hey to everyone

    LOL @JAC1961
  13. Gingerninja

    Hey to everyone

    Well, if you continue down the tattoo path get used to imperfections. The more tattoos you have, the more imperfections there are! Several tattoo's of mine are less than perfect and it's okay.
  14. Gingerninja

    Hey to everyone

    Nicely done! Looks like you already made a good decision. When did you get your tattoo?
  15. Gingerninja

    Going clubbing with new tattoo

    You should be fine...don't re-wrap it. Keep it as clean and dry as possible (keep nasty sweat from other people off it). If you CAN wear loose, longer sleeves that would be ideal. 🙂
  16. Gingerninja

    Going clubbing with new tattoo

    Hey there...where is your tattoo located? How big is it?
  17. You all have an amazing time!! @Bearcat78 @zetroc @Hands On
  18. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Here is a sneak peak of one side of my leg...
  19. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @Dan Yeah, knee was ouchy. I am not looking forward to getting it colored in next year! Mike said that it would take 2-3 hours to finish it which I can do but suck factor was a solid 3 on a scale of 5 (3 means it really hurts but not tap out territory!) @SStu Thanks! I am such a Kings Ave fan it is ridiculous. #fangirl
  20. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Last week I had two days with Mr. Rubendall (1/2 day Friday and all day Saturday). We spent the time doing lining and a little shading over my entire right leg. He added a crane to the back of my thigh and a peony on my knee. The cool part is that he was able to tie in all my other pieces with clouds, water, rocks, etc., so my leg looks 100% cohesive! Apparently, he loves doing tie-in's. And he killed it. Three more sessions to finish over the next several months. I am over the MOON with his work.
  21. Gingerninja

    Bump under my tattoo!?

    Here's what I have learned 1) Sometimes you have bumps that take time to heal. 2) I, like you, didn't think that I had a bump in and/or around tattoos. My dermatologist has confirmed that I am a "grower" of bumps. I have developed bumps both in tattoos and outside of tattoos post tattoo but the two don't seem to be MEDICALLY related. 3) My tattooer's to date have never tattooed a mole!
  22. Gingerninja

    Bump under my tattoo!?

    You may have a bump for months. Let it be. I had a bump for about six months. 🙂
  23. Gingerninja

    How to deal with the little imperfections on your tattoo?

    Just to echo what has been already said - that is a great tattoo! I love what @el twe said. Unless it's a shite tattoo, wabi sabi!
  24. Gingerninja

    Apprentice Needs Advice

    Adulting is hard. Handle professionally, with respect and use this as an opportunity to reset your relationship with him. Find out what his expectations are, setup a path to achieve and propose items that you think will help you, him and the shop. ?