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  1. Happy healing and welcome!!
  2. You are right - get it done and you never have to do it again! @Oiocha
  3. This thread is spiking my anxiety.
  4. I had this issue on both of my lower legs, especially my shins. I found a pressure point in my upper thigh that I pushed on for hours. Gah!
  5. FFS. This conversation/thread is exhausting. Let's talk about good tattoos.
  6. Happy healing @Oiocha! That is some heavy black. LOL. I can't even imagine Tomo filling in my crack...
  7. Old farts for the win! Life is's shouldn't be.
  8. Yep, that will fade quickly!
  9. Spent some time with Garver this week starting my sleeve. Silly excited.
  10. Big hugs to everyone. Life is short. ❤️
  11. It really is shocking, concerning and, sadly, I feel like I don't I have much to add. 😞
  12. I can see why you would want to cover them up but let's not bring Ed into this. It doesn't look anything remotely like Hardy.
  13. Welcome! Want to share what ya got already?
  14. Put Andres convention in Aachen on your list:
  15. Stephanie is so good. @tattooedchk!
  16. Very cool tattoo! There are not enough rabbit/hare tattoos. 🙂 Stop mucking with it and let it heal up.
  17. Hi! Your arm looks great. Who did it? Welcome!
  18. Um, doesn't look like a penis. Maybe if it was colored in it would look more submarine'ish. You need new friends!
  19. A good artist will be able to draw up something for you @malinavojvodic
  20. I am confused...are you an artist or wanting to get this tattooed?
  21. Lots of people have an Enso...the symbol is what it is which is kinda the point. If you want one, get it. Nothing to fix ust make sure that you have a good artist.