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  1. Take a stroll around the forums, there are a number of threads that cover issues of acceptance. And welcome to LST!
  2. I've seen worse. I mean it's not Tattoo Age but it's a likeable show with likeable characters and some of the people that come in the door... Well you can't help but smile :D
  3. In a couple of years, he can get that covered up with "PANTHER".
  4. DavidR


    Hi @Gemma. Welcome to LST! This is a great little slice of the internet. You'll find all kinds of awesome here.
  5. DavidR


    Off the top of my head, Shamus and Steve at MTL.
  6. @UglyButProud I saw that dragon on Greg's Instagram. I love it! I really like his dragon heads but this one is my favourite so far.
  7. DavidR


    Welcome! I was a total noob when I came here and I learned so much from reading just three threads that I now consider myself a near-total noob.
  8. DavidR


    Welcome. This is a great little slice of the internet; I'm sure you'll be happy here. What do you have and by whom? I follow a few artists from Montreal so I'm already jealous.
  9. Following on from what @MadeIndelible said: Skip to 16:05.
  10. DavidR


    Welcome! Pictures or it didn't happen :D
  11. DavidR


    Love it! What are you getting next?
  12. I second what @polliwog said. I think if you were to add to or modify your tattoo, you risk ruining it and then you'll really be unhappy with it. Take some time to draw breath. Relax. When you're ready, get another tattoo. Only then should you revisit this one and reassess. I think in time you'll learn to love it.
  13. Finally lost my cherry today. A great experience and I love my new tattoo. By Bradley Tompkins at Frith Street.
  14. I came here to bitch but when you read posts like yours @Mark Bee, you suck it up and count you blessings. Welcome back.
  15. @ItsNewport I saw that on Tony's Instagram. He's been knocking out some awesome work this past week*. * - month/year/life
  16. I had intended to go. I even have a hotel booked for the full weekend. But I'm gonna have to cancel. With the euro going south, I'm looking at over a grand before I even walk in the door and I can't justify that at the moment.
  17. He would probably have been just as creepy whether you were tattooed or not. Creeps gonna creep.
  18. Holy shit @Synesthesia! That certainly puts my Saturday morning dismantling a kitchen (sob!) into perspective.
  19. It's easier to fit small tattoos around big tattoos than it is to fit big tattoos around small ones.
  20. I like the frog. I wouldn't touch it. Palette-wise, he fits in with the sleeve (not sure if that was done by the original artist or the new one). If the sleeve is by the new artist then I think he'll look just right as he is.
  21. I was on my way to bed tonight and took a couple of mugs into the kitchen so I could put them in the dishwasher and I emerged with a bottle of rosé and a packet of mini-snickers and proceeded to stay up way later than I should and get shitfaced! How awesome is that :D
  22. By Mike Moses: Not on me I might add; just snagged from his Instagram because I thought it was cool.
  23. This will be my view of the Monaco Grand Prix tomorrow:
  24. That was so fucking cool. Thanks @Hands On
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