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  1. long time I didn't post (but no worries, I'm still lurking around!) Here's my last one (2 days ago) by (again) Alix Ge
  2. My dreams come true!! I'm now a TOTM winner :) Merci à tous! and thanks Alix Gé!
  3. Tiger knee by Valerie Vargas. It's now healed and hairy as it was done in 2015
  4. I guess this theme will have more success! Here's my hannya by Alix Gé
  5. Done at Mondial du Tatouage (Paris) by Valerie Vargas.
  6. let's go Dietzel snake head by Todd Tattooer (Merci Bonsoir - Lyon / France) from last year (fresh on the picture!) Hard to take the whole tattoo on the picture but it has a tongue!
  7. @sophistre i just spotted your back on IG.... m-i-n-d-b-l-o-w-i-n-g!!!!!
  8. no way!!! Paul Dobleman is on my top short list!!! you Lucky!
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