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    to everyone: i am not a tattooer, im a chef, and no i will not tattoo you
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    Fido Laura Jansen, Brothers O'Hair, The Dear And Departed, Vedera, THE DARLINGS, Sailor Jerry, Baysi
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    Chef/ Restaurant Manager
  1. kscollector

    Best tattoo season?

    as a serious collector, i hate getting tattooed in the summer for a few reasons. the obvious being no swimming, but its just that in the summer you like to wear shorts, maybe a sleeveless tee, etc. and by doing so you are exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight which usually not only doesnt feel great, but isnt good for the tattoo healing process. summer also sucks while healing a tattoo because you sweat so much. i prefer to get all of my larger tattoos done in the spring and fall. i guess i also get tattooed quite a bit in the winter time, but not for any particular reason, just because in kansas in snows a ton and it gives me something to do, while also helping out my tattooer seeing that its usually his slow season! im not saying i dont get tattooed in the summer, because i do, but it does seem to be the season i get tattooed the least, just because i hate being hot as hell and sweating my ass off while getting tattooed.
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    self shot

  3. well done site. i think this was definately something needed, bringing like minded tattooers and collectors together....