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  1. Feet were not pleasant, but I remember my back not feeling great either. Vibrations through bones and near tendons are pretty terrible.
  2. Vikings. I love it, call me weird but I have felt for a long time like I have some kind of connection to that part of the world. Turns out I have an ancestor who was a pirate admiral from the Netherlands. Eh, its sort of close.
  3. I'm in San Antonio. The B-17 was real important to him he had models and magnets and all kinds of memorabilia. The story is he either worked on them or was in an actual crew. Unfortunately he passed before we could get the story straight, we would have to go through the Army to find out.
  4. @idyllsend I've never seen such a great design on a knee, very nice. All of this work is really inspiring.
  5. Howdy I'm Phillip! I've liked tattoos for as long as I can remember, luckily I waited to get my first. I've been adding to the collection ever since. Most are of a religious nature, one is of my beloved home Texas and my most recent a tribute to my family, both still here and gone. I still have ideas rattling around of what I want next. A B-17 in honor of my grandfather and a traditional Nordic design because of my heritage. I also have my ears gauged to an inch. I have a beautiful wife and two loving children. I love being outdoors, shooting my guns and post apocalyptic movies/television/art/magazines/etc. If you have any questions I'd love to talk!
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