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  1. Full Back Piece Thread

    So far with Chad Koeplinger. Next Session in 2 weeks. :)
  2. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Me and my girlfriend got tattooed yesterday by Marcus Kuhn while he's guesting in Paris at Laura Satana's shop!
  3. Tattoo Copycat

    Nowhere I wrote I like my tattoo any less...I know it's still a cool tattoo:) It's just weird when someone copied the one you got from a great tattoo artist, put it in the exact the same spot as you with the same colors etc... Wouldn't it weird you out as well?
  4. Tattoo Copycat

    Pretty 100% sure that it's not the same guy ahah I mean it's not flash from the wall, I'm not saying you cannot ask for black cloud with an eye on your hand, but here it's the exact same design, a copy!
  5. Tattoo Copycat

    Well I am because this guy showed up to this tattoo artist with an idea (I guess) and he or the tattoo artist literally copied the exact same tattoo, my tattoo that Rudy Fritsch drew for me, including colors and put it on his hand, just like...me? See my point?
  6. Tattoo Copycat

    Yes irritating, that's the word:) Thank you for the link!
  7. Tattoo Copycat

    I've just seen an article about the Hellfest guys (french metal etc festival), and the main guy Ben Barbaud has the SAME tattoo than me! Makes me mad! On his hand, like me, same colors etc...I got mine done by Rudy Fritsch in 2012 at the London Tattoo Convention... And here's mine, the original by Rudy Fritsch :
  8. Full Back Piece Thread

    Second session with Chad Koeplinger! Done at the Grim Reaper Tattoo Shop in Roma! Great Shop, great guys!
  9. Instagram

    here's mine : ;) https://instagram.com/croixdeboiscroixdefer/
  10. Full Back Piece Thread

    For sure, I had better times in my life:) but for what it's worth, it was bearable and I managed to go through it. I may won't say the same the next session though...time will tell:)
  11. Full Back Piece Thread

    Thank you! Yes maybe in Germany or Barcelona, trying to keep the commitment to the max! ahah
  12. Full Back Piece Thread

    That's funny you mention that because when he did the drawing, I felt dizzy, head spinning from standing up so long, and I was like fuck, he hasn't even started and I'm a being a pussy ahah, but then it felt ok during the tattooing, so...
  13. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thank you @Graeme and @xcom!