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    Studying woodworking. 21 so far. love led zeppelin
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    The Netherlands
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    Kitesurfing, anime, movies, fantasy books.
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    Garden center

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  1. Refusing to talk about other topics that isnt tattoo related
  2. 2 birds sitting on a branch. Bird 1 goes: tjiep tjiep. Bird 2: expensive, expensive
  3. tattoos are for people, Lotion is for skin. Do what we will tell you, Or else it gets the hose again.
  4. cover it with a full sleeve by a good artist.
  5. dang thats mice. Makes me want to get a cat tattoo aswell
  6. Dont know how and where exactly i found this instagram, maybe on this site. Theres an english man who finds scrolls and paintings and i dont know what for reference for tattoo artist. why am i still babbling? https://www.instagram.com/caliseowin/ .
  7. Hehehe some drunk girl got a harry potter lightning bolt on her forhead http://metro.co.uk/2016/08/08/drunk-people-are-getting-harry-potter-lightning-bolt-scars-on-their-heads-6053822/
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