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  1. yo mel!


    been along time I wanted to thank you again for your help.


    instagram @panthersandeagles

  2. update on theo tatttoo ?

    1. Gingerninja


      It was good! We got the outline done. It's so cool!

  3. pretty cool stuff man, and only 2 yrs in. Hope your living life in "island time"

  4. Dhopper that is a cool collections of tattoos and pictures thanks for sharing

  5. like your blog, thanks for taking the time to put it together

  6. Do you hide sweet tarts in your beard?

  7. Hi,

    whats your avatar? I cant really see it thinking record player with flowers can you upload it to galler?

  8. no facebook here homie just want to say thats one cute boy, you look like a happy dad

  9. mel,

    havnt seen you around. My email got hacked but wanted to check in hope all is well

  10. Costello,

    I am pretty new to figuring out about quality work. In OKC my friends like the guys at cannibal graphics. Some of my friends only go there eventhough its a 45 minute trip from norman. I posted some of one of the artists work here and was politely told to go to think ink in norman I like david bruehls and fernandos work(15 miles south of okc) Tulsa is foreign to me for tattoos. I will ask around though. Dallas isnt a far drive down I 35. just 2.5-3 hrs from okc.

    I hear atomic lotus is good but havnt been there. I have had 2 people in last week tell me hall of fame tattoos of norman is great, but Both sported less than decent looking pieces. Stay away from sub q in okc.

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