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    I dont have twitter, skype or facebook.I love travel,food,friends and family.
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    it isnt work if you love it

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  1. Costello,

    I am pretty new to figuring out about quality work. In OKC my friends like the guys at cannibal graphics. Some of my friends only go there eventhough its a 45 minute trip from norman. I posted some of one of the artists work here and was politely told to go to think ink in norman I like david bruehls and fernandos work(15 miles south of okc) Tulsa is foreign to me for tattoos. I will ask around though. Dallas isnt a far drive down I 35. just 2.5-3 hrs from okc.

    I hear atomic lotus is good but havnt been there. I have had 2 people in last week tell me hall of fame tattoos of norman is great, but Both sported less than decent looking pieces. Stay away from sub q in okc.