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    Tattooartist, skydiver. Like coffee and cheese =)
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  1. Margarita Yaschenko

    LST Get Togethers & Tattoo Conventions

    Thank you for this advice! :) we already choice a Edmonton festival for our trip ^_^
  2. Margarita Yaschenko


    Margarita Yashenko - Karviniya
  3. Margarita Yaschenko


    Margarita Yashenko - Karviniya
  4. Margarita Yaschenko

    flowers cover

    Margarita Yashenko - Karviniya
  5. Margarita Yaschenko

    Finally it is done !

    I see some gray part of old tattoo on upper petals of flowers - but it very easy for repaint such little spot. And this tattoo is really excellent!
  6. Margarita Yaschenko

    New Member

    Hello. 50 hours is much ) very interested in the result for this time and woud love to see photos as other members :)
  7. Margarita Yaschenko

    Newbie, bird tattoo enthusiast

    Welcome! I very like birds in tattoos and have 3 tattoos with owl and other tattoos and one tattoo with half-bird half-human. And by coincidence, I have to drawing and to tattooing as many birds, they are beautiful rhythmic. ^_^
  8. Margarita Yaschenko

    Hello from Edmonton!

    Welcome and hello!) I think you have a change for the better in 2016 and you make a many conceived tattoos :) We going to the Edmonton in this year, i think it's a good city for tattoo =)
  9. Margarita Yaschenko


    Margarita Yashenko - Karviniya
  10. Margarita Yaschenko

    Hello everyone. Looking for some advice

    All design on this thread doesn't good for tattoo on fingers. This is good picture but not for tattoo if you want to see a good tattoo on your skin :) I discourage people about tattoos on his fingers. In a few years all of these tattoos look bad ...If you want to make a drawing for two select another place on the skin and, accordingly, a different idea and make a cool tattoo.
  11. Margarita Yaschenko

    Moles and tattooes?

    Hello. Moles is better to bypass. Especially if you are not so many moles and they are small the tattoo artist can pick a figure that would not have affected the mole.
  12. Margarita Yaschenko


    Margrarita Yashenko
  13. Margarita Yaschenko


    Margarita Yashenko
  14. Margarita Yaschenko

    skull and face

    Margarita Yashenko
  15. Margarita Yaschenko


    Margarita Yashenko