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  1. There are a few but they only design for a payment.. And I'm kinda broke at the moment :$
  2. Thankyou for the tip. I really like a design of the head of a wolf. It has to be a bit.. How can I say.. Frightening. Like a angry wolf. And in his mouth he is holding a chain with a old watch on the end of the chain. A bit like on this picture. And the leafs on the side of the chain have to be replaced bij feathers. If you find someone who can design this.. Or perhaps you can do it. I would really appreciate
  3. Good luck with growing :) hope you find what you are looking for :)
  4. Goodluck learning :) one day you may reach the top, if only you believe. Wish you the best :)
  5. Your work looks really good!! I like your style. Really amazing??
  6. I was 9 when my grandfather past away. He was my hero and he really ment a lot to me. The last thing he said to me on the day he died was "I hope you always find a reason to smile". When I turned 16 and my parents agreed on having a tattoo I decided to place that sentence on the inside of my upper arm. So now I always have a reminder on my grandfather. It was my first tattoo and it definitely won't be my last. But it will be the most important one to me. Because my grandpa made me to who I am today. He was a really wise man and died way to young. But I'll never forget him
  7. Haha I know the feeling of really wanna have a tat. I already have one but I can't wait to take my second one. I'm still looking for a designer tho because my drawing really sucks haha. But indeed you better get it before or after summer. I'm curious for wat you are going to take :) good luck with it :)
  8. Age doesn't matter right :) as long as you're happy with your tats
  9. Hii welcome to the forum. I'm curious form your art work. Do you design as well?? Show some of you works :)
  10. gabyham


    My instagram is @gabyham :) follow me :)
  11. Hii, My name is gaby. I'm a 19 years old girl from the Netherlands and I had my first tattoo when i was 16. It's a tattoo on the inside of my upper arm. With the text "I hope you always find a reason to smile". My grandpa past away when I was nine years old and this was the last thing he said to me. So it really means a lot to me. Now I'm saving for a second tattoo. I really think a tattoo is a nice way to bring a massage. Or to find peace in for yourself. My tattoo is my reminder of my grandfather grandfather. I'm saving for my second tattoo now.. I hope I can find someone here who will help me make a design cuz I really can't draw haha. So if someone is willing to help me with that, I really appreciate :$ Well time to explore the forum :p
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