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  1. That was an awesome speech dude. I will definitely wait a long while and give my 2nd tattoo a thought. Thanks bro.
  2. I'll keep that in mind! Gonna be a long time till I settle down with a permanent career ( just started college ). A lot can happen in 4-5 years, we'll see what happens though.
  3. I kinda understand now that you put it THAT way. I guess I'm sorry?
  4. Yeah this will probably be my last tattoo, we'll see though.
  5. Yeah, I mean I'd like to think I'm a pretty down to earth kid. 18 year old asian kid who goes to school, pretty shy and crap and also plays a lot of video games. Besides the tattoo, I don't think I've ever done something yolo like this LOL
  6. Thanks man, I'll make it work. And yeah, that's what I thought too.
  7. Well, it is what it is. I'm only 18 atm and have plenty of time to do whatever.
  8. Not sure whether to be thankful or worried from what you just said LOL
  9. "Love Parents" I feel like its very clichéd, everyone gets their arm done first.
  10. I actually wana get something done on the opposite side of that tattoo next ( other side of neck ). Thanks though!
  11. Yeah it can, I realize that. Although I plan on majoring in Criminal Justice and getting a job with law enforcement. I see plenty of cops with tattoos
  12. Haha.. man, the thought of getting a tattoo popped into my head and I literally went to do it right after. I'm sort of a see things through type of person. And no, I'm 18 haha. My parents? Well, my parents got divorced so I only had to face the wraith of my mom. She was kind of accepting which was kind of weird since she had told me in the past to never get a tattoo. Yeah thanks man. Good luck on yours!
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