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  1. first of all that tattoo is fuckin awesome. sorry you are experiencing that though. while not having full blown panic attacks, I’ve had similar experiences with bigger pieces. i’ve never been one of those people that gets a tattoo and is immediately so psyched and wow’d by it, it takes me some time to love it, hate it, and get used to it. i think the risk, feelings, and change process is part of the art in a lot of ways. i would try to give it some time. everything in life is impermanent, including our bodies, minds, feelings, and thoughts. hang in there. and again that tattoo rocks.
  2. it's definitely possible i would just go at least somewhat big Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. i would be more than willing to post a dick pick but i think in order to make a valid comparison i would need to include my balls and i'm not comfortable with that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. i know i mean i asked the dude to make me a sick dotwork cock and he didnt really live up to the task at all. next tat i think i'm gonna go the photorealism route for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. haha just some geometric dotwork design Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I really like this handpoked tattoo I have but recently started thinking that it looks a little too much like a penis! is this just in my head? check out the pic, turn it sidesways and upside down too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. glad i'm not alone, i have such a tough time thinking of what to get!
  8. i think it looks pretty sweet and i would never think it's a coverup
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    jordan galluccio
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    sue jeiven
  11. hey everyone, just introducing myself. I'm pretty new to getting tattooed but from my first one a year ago, and now a couple more, I have really come to enjoy the experience as well as the art form. That being said, the primary reason that brought me to this website is that I had a concern about my latest tattoo. I recently got a tattoo from a pretty reputable shop in New York, which included having to wait a few months for a consulation, then come back for the tattoo, and pay top dollar (200/hr). It all went really well, until I got home and started examining the tattoo and seeing how one of the legs (tattoo is of a lion) looked a little awkward. i did some googling to compare the anatomy of my tattoo to the anatomy of lions, and upon my search found a tattoo that looked strikingly similar to mine, in a more traditional style, but same outline/drawing of the body. i then did some more searching and found the exact outlines of the 2 lion heads that my artist presented to me to choose from. the artist has a very specific style, so the actual tattoo doesn't look like an exact copy or anything, but the outlines are spot-on. i feel kinda taken advantage of because i thought i was going to be getting a custom drawing. i guess maybe there's a chance it'a just a coincidence, and maybe the other artists and my artists just used the same reference, but i doubt it. especially, after doing some more research on my artist, it seems they have a history of doing this sort of thing... anyway, any feedback about what i should do would be appreciated. i'm thinking of confronting the artist but not sure what i'd even say. ill try to attach photos to here too. the 1st one is my tattoo, the 2nd one is what the outline was, the 3rd one is what the head outline was (and during the tattoo, the artist said she was gonna leave out that one little part of the mane cuz it looked better), and the fourth is the 2 outlines of the heads that i chose from... ironically right next to one another on the same website ...
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