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  1. thanks for the advise guys! SeeSea I really like your idea of a crab holding the pearl as a prize, I think I might very well go with that! And sighthound thank you for the facts about coy fish and clams! I didn't even know those things. I def don't want a tat that is conflicted. I have an app to see an artist on Saturday, I'll update with pics. Jeff
  2. Yea he wants to do a clam holding the pearl, not sure thats what I want, I suppose I could tell him I'm not particularly interested in that idea
  3. Wow, Nate. Kuddos to you for pursuing your dream! Sounds like you have a true passion for the business and that passion will pay off eventually. Your situation reminds me of myself when I became an auto mechanic. I was buried $300+ per week in tool payments and the jobs I was given for the first year were bottom feeder, low paying jobs. For a while I was barely scraping by at $12/hr but I stuck with my goal as you are with yours, and did everything I needed to do and now my career is very rewarding and I still continue to grow. I have never been artistic by any means but I always like to hear of new artists emerging. Good luck Nate and stick with it man!
  4. Hey everyone, name's Jeff I have a total of 6 tattoos and have plans to get many more. My most recent desire has been to have an underwater scene on my left arm. I have a few issues though 1) there is a gecko on my outer bicep which I figured I would have a section of land merge into water, not exactly sure how to do that, maybe with the gecko climbing a stone wall? and 2) when I had my starfish done, the artist put a pearl next to it that is my daughters birth stone color. I originally thought I would have an octopus cradling the pearl, but I'm not totally sure how that would lay out on my arm and others have suggested a clam which I guess I may consider. I am wondering what else can become of this pearl that is just floating around by itself? Other creatures I would also like to eventually include in this piece are an octopus, a sea turtle, a jellyfish, maybe a coy fish, or other fish, a mermaid, a crab, and lots more water, etc. I'm just kind of going with whatever happens getting one section done at a time. Just hoping someone with an artistic mind will read this and help me decide on an appealing design or at least point me in the right direction. This lonesome pearl is kind of driving me up the wall and I need to do something with it soon. I keep getting good ideas brainstormed up but then I change my mind so I need someone else with an artistic mind to give me an opinion. Thanks everyone!
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