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    Late bloomer with tattoos-trying to make up for lost time! I developed my own tattoo after-care balm based on natural ingredients. Tattoo history-left arm sleeve in progress with work being done by Ross Lloyd from Classic Tattoo in N. Olmsted, Ohio.
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    NE Ohio
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    tattoo, soap and tattoo balm, herbal use and folklore, music, sled dogs
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    Tattoo Balm and Artisan Soap producer

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  1. Hi from NE Ohio about 1/2 mile from Lake Erie. I've been enjoying reading all of the tattoo stuff from the technical to the funny to great advice. I am an "older" fan of tattoo-way past the 20-something years! I'm working on a sleeve that I started a few years ago-black and gray. I've also developed my own tattoo balm and sell it in my Etsy shop and off my website.
  2. I wash it with antibacterial soap 3/day and pat dry with paper towel. I make my own tattoo balm and apply that after each washing. Contains calendula and chickweed-infused olive oil, apricot kernel oil, flax seed oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and an essential oil blend with healing properties.
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