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    20 yrs old, just wondering around the world.
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  1. A lot of work has been put in, but that is just not my type or style. Somehow, I dont really like it.
  2. t0miks


    My artist is Jānis Svars, you can look him up on fb https://www.facebook.com/CitaDimensijaTattoo . And the idea is yakuza style tattoo inspired, probably you will see an update in a while, because it is quite hard to explain my idea.
  3. I have bought this lube/moisturizer called "Bepanthen", in Latvia and Denmark, works great ,always! I usually use it in the morning and before sleep, after a week tats are almost healed. Of course it depends on a persons skin and ect. Speaking about healing and everything related on it, what do you think about drinking beer while tatt is quite fresh (0-5 days)?
  4. I vote on keeping it, it gives a little cherry on top of your other tats. My girl said that she liked my koi on forearm, but she was always judging me on the choice of colours. I didnt care, because it is MY body, not hers, and that is my choice not anybodys else.
  5. t0miks


    Nu privet! Vi zdes ne idinstvinije (: Translate - Hey! You are not the only ones here, who speaks russian. And yes, totally agree with Margarita. And of course - Welcome, Eugene!!! I really like your artwork, good job!
  6. t0miks


    Hey man, thanks. Well, not really for the dragon idea, but idea about continuing with japanese style. Now I have an idea, but I need to deliver that to my artist. It is not going to be easy, we both come from Latvia, but right now he is in United Kingdom, but I`m in Denmark. :D
  7. t0miks


    Thanks for replies. Here are pics for tatts.
  8. When I was speaking to my artist, he said that he has never done color tatt, and that also was my first one. We ended up having five or six sessions each was around six or seven hours. After all that we ended up having a great koi fish. Great experience for both of us.
  9. t0miks

    fam tree

    Jānis Svars
  10. t0miks

    koi fish

    Jānis Svars
  11. t0miks


    Hello! My name is Toms, I come from Latvia, but right now I`m living in Denmark. When I was 18 I got my first tatt, it is a koi fish, after a while I got a tree tatt, on the same arm. The time passes and thoughts also change, and now I want a full sleeve, but I`m out of ideas how to combine koi and a tree in to a good looking sleeve. I`ve spoken to my artist, but we cant agree on anything good, and somehow, I ended up here , at this great forum. And then I realised, that I could ask yours opinion. But before I do that I have to introduce myself... Anyway, name is Toms, who am I ? A cool
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