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  1. Ribs, the pain isn't that bad. I think my thigh was just as painful. Plus the rib cage is more attractive. I would go the size of a small plate though so you can see more of the detail. Best of luck
  2. Who, Chase Tafoya, What everything in my pic just started working on the King yesterday. Bend Oregon - - - Updated - - -
  3. I have alot of work done....alot. I go to the same artist because in my opinion he is the best! We always use a coil machine. This last four hour session we used a rotary, same artist. I usually sit all day seven to eight hours. The rotary hurts more. I would use prefer a coil anyday. The quality of the work is the same but I have a solid bruise on my chest and I never bruce. Coil all the way if pain is your concern.
  4. I am currently working on a suit. I enjoy the post on this site and decided to get involved. I have about 60 hours of work completed so far...Hope to learn from the community....
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