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  1. spunkymonkey

    Black Work

    nice to see everyone thinking of tattoos as more than just ink on skin. usually deeper meaning in everything if you have your eyes open enough.
  2. spunkymonkey

    dragon designs

    first: shark dragons two cool creatures fighting it out. larger version on my website. second: solar flare dragons third: tree dragon thought this would be an interesting combo. greywash version on my site. share your thoughts and cheers for taking a look. :rolleyes:
  3. spunkymonkey

    Reference Material

    old book sales is my favorite. you can get some cool stuff especially in the history section if you like doing cultural designs etc.
  4. spunkymonkey

    palm tattoos

    I have always been disappointed by the pigment loss due to the different skin type in this area. go to dep and it look ugly and spread out go to shallow and it falls out but this varys so much over the width of the hand.
  5. spunkymonkey

    Using flowers other than roses?

    I find Lilies the most fun to draw and they make some of the best flowers to tattoo. But the Lotus is nice to but really its become like the rose in the west.