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  1. That's not even that bad at all! I was expecting a total train wreck. If you're fine with the layout of it then it should be easily fixable by someone competent as it wont really even be a total cover up. Some artists might say no to doing it though because it would be a boring commission for them.
  2. Well if you really want some kind of answer traditional sleeves are mostly done by getting tattoos until you no longer have space for more and then you either fill any gaps with whatever fits or you dont. Good luck!
  3. Heh sorry man but I found this funny. Never heard anyone even think of paying import taxes on tattoos! I've traveled and got tattooed a lot and I've even told them the purpose of my trip is to get tattooed and I've never had a problem.
  4. Well, I've flown across the Atlantic from Finland to Florida to get tattooed and it was honestly fine. I've also been traveling to London every year for the past 3 to get my legs worked on and its been easy. Just book an appointment, book flights, get time off from whatever and go! Its no different from any other trip and tattoos are the best thing to bring back... I booked a full day each time which ended up being somewhere between 7-10hours each time. I've also both flown out the next day after the session and taken a day of rest before flying and there was no difference or trouble doing either at all. And both Delphine and Laurent have been real cool about this arrangement the whole time, I actually think its a bit weird for an artist to be difficult with someone for having time between sessions if you're traveling to see them and have a decent session even if its years apart. But then again more and more artists seem to act like complete divas these days... I choose to go to tattooers who are good people in addition to being good artists. Makes for better memories AND tattoos. and I guess I'll mention that the first time I had both knees worked on by different artists at the same time, and yes they were sore but flying back the next day was still fine, and I'm a tall guy.
  5. I was going to make a new topic but then i remembered this one exists... So, the strangest thing just happened. My girlfriend sent me a picture of her brand new tattoo and I was dumbfounded. Its upside down! Now, I'm a fairly tattooed guy and I never even considered she could make this mistake because her other work is quality stuff and we have talked about tattoos a bunch since its important to both of us. But there it is, and its upside down. I didnt even know what to say so I didn't mention the upside downedness of it immediately. I just wanted to let her be happy about her new tattoo, but to be honest now i dont know how to bring it up without insulting her. Luckily its a small thing near her wrist and easily covered if she want to do that, but I'm pretty sure just mentioning it is going to be a big fight and i cant hold my tongue either....
  6. Delphine Noiztoy & Laurent Maina
  7. NihilNovum


    Jonas Nyberg
  8. NihilNovum

    Huge Cock

    Jonas Nyberg
  9. top: JP Wikman bottom: Gustav Fröberg
  10. NihilNovum


    Javier Betancourt
  11. I just say they dont mean anything. If i really had a deep meaning for a tattoo i probably wouldnt share that with just anyone anyway, but they are really just pictures on skin in the end.
  12. Vaenir is great, thanks for reminding me gotta put that on. Cant even remember what came out in 2015 that i liked other than that one though edit: Bullshit its this, this is the best 2015 release
  13. Sorry to say but that design is not even close to being tattooable, it would have to be something much simpler and my advice would be to let a tattooer design it. Just the letters D and K overlapped might work but still should just be taken to a tattooer.
  14. This happened Saturday: Went to see Delphine and Laurent in London, it was intense but completely amazing at the same time, those guys are the best! 12h in the shop, around 7h of actual tattooing simultaneously on both knees, ill admit it was rough. It was such a great experience though so we decided im just going to let them have the rest of my lower legs at least. Pic is from Laurent's instagram (https://www.instagram.com/darkbabamaina/) and theres a bunch more on Delphine's https://www.instagram.com/delphinenoiztoy/
  15. In less than 2 weeks I'll be flying to London for a collaboration between Delphine and Laurent on my knees. Gonna be awesome! but I'm also an idiot for doing both knees at the same time.
  16. Heh, i give my sister shit about having a tramp stamp (lower back tribal) all the time but she knows im not really serious im just being a shit. Mostly agree with whats been said in the thread but i dont get the dislike for "trad." Its just short for traditional, whats the problem? Oh well, i try not to care too much about things like these cause they really dont matter and i have plenty of things to get mad about as is. Doesn't mean hearing "sweet ink brah" wont make me immediately think less of a person though...
  17. This is why i just keep the cash in my wallet and dont keep the wallet in a bag or a back pocket. I feel completely fine and safe doing this pretty much anywhere and its not because im big and scary because im not, I just dont look like a guy thats carrying a bunch of money on him. If youre on vacation though and carrying a camera bag its probably not a good idea to also carry a lot of cash on your person since the camera basically puts you at the top of the list.
  18. I was actually a bit surprised how cool a psychologist was with my tattoos one time. I made a joke something like "this must be an open and shut case for you with all this, you can actually read me like a book." But she was really nice, said everyone makes their choices, complimented my work and told me something similar to what amalia posted. Works better for making someone talk than telling them they look like a criminal, hah.
  19. I went to Miami roughly a year ago and Javier at Ocho Placas gave me a sweet ass Oni on my thigh, nice guy. Would recommend. Theres a lot of really bad shops in Miami and I had trouble finding a good one too.
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