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  1. My wife threatened to leave me if I got mine done. Not sure if she's bluffing...been with her for 14 years. Maybe I'm just stupid but really do want it done, risky tho!
  2. Uncle Baron

    back me n stan

    Ajarn Thoy Ajarn Kob Ajarn Ta
  3. Uncle Baron

    sak yant

    Ajarn Thoy Dabos
  4. Uncle Baron

    sak yant

    Ajarn Thoy Dabos
  5. Spend time with your mates, make sure you go out plenty...to the pub/bar, don't stay in on your own thats the worst thing you can do. The best thing to do is have lots of casual sex with random women, thats the cure for heartbreak if you ask me. Best way to get over a women is get another one (sorry not being sexist here, same for women) Or if you can afford it, come to Thailand and go crazy for a month ;) pm if thats an option hehe
  6. had my chest down about 20 years ago by a friend, i had at least 20 hours of tattooing before that so i thought it would be a breeze. My pal hadn't much experience and was really digging for gold with the needle. At one point he said I'm going to give my self a hernia. I was gritting my teeth so hard haha. The thing is when i went back a couple of weeks later to get it finished and knew what to expect it was fine, hurt but not that bad. All power of the mind!
  7. I think i said it before...in between the toes. I haven't been tattoo'd here my self but talking to lucky diamond rich who's had EVERY bit of his body done. He reckons thats the worse! Next week I'm getting some sak yant on the bottom of my back and spine, which if the previous pain was any thing to go by I'm not looking forward to it. I've left the side of my ribs untouched for years out of fear and seeing people riggle around and tap out numerous times. In a couple of months going to get my head done which I'm sure will smart ;) Just to add the arms,wrists,legs,neck,collarbone aint nothing...you can power of the mind your way thru that!!! The Collarbone aint nice but that for sure isn't the worst place!!
  8. Uncle Baron


    Oh i fully understand i have a whole hand of sayagata/swatsikas, i've lived in india,china and currently live in Thailand (for the last 5 years) and ofc swatstikas are on every thing. Just stating that black suns and runes are associated with the far right. Same as 5 pointed stars on the knees are associated with the russian mafia. I'm very tolerant personaly and there isn't much that can offend me. Altho if i saw some one with runes on there hand and a black sun i might be wondering if there a bit far right leaning which even if they were i wouldn't personal care, i grew up with people that turned into nazis, we just don't talk politics!
  9. Uncle Baron


    very nice, the black sun on your neck and the runes are very tied to fascism tho. At least a lot of them guys are into those images. I would like some nordic runes myself but they can have bad connotations. So do swatstikas/sayagawta celtic cross's vikings etc but lots of people have them any way so its not a big thing :)
  10. I'm Mr Baron from East London :) Nice to meet you x
  11. You don't by any chance have a beard a quiff and a full sleeve of bird silhouette's do you? (joking)
  12. I honestly don't give a shit about most people's opinions on my tattoo's. alltho I got my dot work sleeve off xed lehead a long time a go seems to be becoming more and more fashionable. I feel sorry more for xed really his style has been copied so much. half the time he doesn't even get credited with it, people that have worked along side him and been influenced by his stuff do (not naming names) I suppose it's like being in to a unknown band tho and when they get popular it upsets you that every one likes them now. The thing with a lot of current trends at the moment is in the future there going to look like shit, especially the water couler stuff!!!
  13. I must be weird coz I really want my eyeballs tattoo'd...that's not to say I'm gonna be doing it.
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