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  1. Ive got designs in mind for my kids. For my boy ill get his name in bold old english from my armpit down to my hip his name only has 5 letters an theyll be bout 3 inch each with a reference to his star sign in the backround. Hes aquarius so im goin for a possiden theme. For my daughter im gonna have her name in a fancy script along my collar bone connecting to a neotraditional rose goin up my neck. I do like the combination of pictures and writing.
  2. Shin was bad. Had to hold my foot down to stop it from twitching uncontrollably! Kneecaps arn't that bad, my elbow hurt more! Stomach feels like getting punched in the gut after its done over an over again! And collar bone def wasnt fun.
  3. Dont get any of the pracitice skin its all nothing even close to real skin. Get some fresh pig skin from your butcher. Scrape all the excess fat of the back because thats what makes it smell an trim the edges wipe it down with rubbing alcohol an then wrap it up in plastic an keep it in the fridge. Itll stay fresh an clean for at least a day an a bit. Its way closer to real skin then fruit.
  4. Yea im not rushing anything yet. Just gonna let it happen as it happens. Btw thats a dope knee tattoo as well. An yea from doin my own its not the most pleasant of spots to have done! My only problem is where i kneel the ink wont stay. It looks faded an ive gone over it twice! Im a welder and have kids so not kneeling is not easy!
  5. Nah no autoclave yet unfortunatly. I use stainless tips but there only for me. Ive never tattooed anyone else yet. An if i do its disposables all the way. All my tubes tips an grips get an over night soaking an scrubbing after every use.
  6. Thanks. I only do home tattoos on me. Ive done research on bloodbourne prevention, all the no spray bottles an bag everthing. I have an ultra sonic cleaner for my stuff. Im keen for an apprentiship but dont want to go into one not feeling confident tattooing in general. Im my own worse critic an think i can always do better. I was wanting some critique on wat ive done so far as to weather there was any point furthering my career in tattooing. Most all tattoo parlours here are bikie owned an im not keen to get into that side of it. We dont have to pay money for apprentiships over here either wi
  7. The black backfill could work, without it because of white skin it looks like watchin fireworks during the day! Its not done bad it just needs something more! Before you get a black backfill get a black sharpie an color in around it to get an idea of what it could look like before you permently do that and hate it more! As for a cover up cause theres no black in it you could try to find someone to do maybe red an purple flowers. Or go a traditional style of rose. The no black in it would open up more coverup options if you wanted to take that path.
  8. Thats alright i know ill get shredded an called a scratcher. I dont run a dirty kitchen shop. I try to do everything properly ive bèn following multiple tattoo forums gettin the best way to clean an prepare and all my tattoos have healed clean as! I use genuine starbrite ink from tommy supplies i use monster point needles. All one use only! I like my rotaries. Currently using a stigma bizzare for my lining, was using a dragonfly but it feels a bit on the light side. I use a sunskin primus for my shading. Not here to debate the who is an isnt a scratcher. Thats pretty clear. Im here for the art
  9. Hi im from south australia. Ive been tattooing myself for a couple years now. Ive never tattooed anyone else. I dont know if that still classes me as a scratcher? www.pinterest.com/squiblex/my-tattoos/ this is where my pictures of my tattoos are. Please give me critisism for them. Im still to nervous to tattoo anyone else yet because i dont want to do something bad. But i am keen to try soon. Thanks.
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