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  1. so I had this done yesterday. This time the pain was quite strong. My first tattoo was on the opposite side of this tattoo, but then the pain wasn't strong. Could it be because of lack of sleep? Because there were moments, when I tought that I will not handle this:D
  2. Hello. So, my tattoo is about 3months old and I noticed some pimple on it. And there are some red spots. Should I be woried about it? There are some pimples on tattoo and it lasts about 2 weeks. I'm bit nervous about it http://www.part.lt/perziura/e0a73bc61356b4e7c3f9f2f3be7df698591.jpg
  3. It's in my forearm, so no clothes or equipment on tattoo. I think after 3 days, my tattoo will be healed enough. But to be sure I will go to artist to show him his work
  4. When I can do workout after new tattoo? My artist said that I need to avoid intense sweating for 5 days after tattoo. Today is 5 day healing and it started to peel. Can I go to the gym on friday? It would be 8 day of healing.
  5. Hello. Two days ago I got my first tattoo. Can you tell me it is healing good? I dont know how it looks like when tattoo is healing, so I'm scared. In some spots there are some red spots and in some parts the ink is rised. I dont know how to explain it. http://www.part.lt/img/386f251298a81b2b2d96f750e5bdd3f7559.jpg http://www.part.lt/img/9ba6afb089e5488e995b4b693e8fc9aa290.jpg (a little closer) http://www.part.lt/img/2879c6f65f1cd6a0829e5e81f34534d0150.jpg P.S you can press the picture to zoom it
  6. Yesterday I got my first tattoo on forearm. Today it look a little bit worse. I know, that tattoo need to heal and the peal. But I dont know how it looks like peeling tattoo :D In my tattoo white dots looks like simple yellow, and some parts of tattoo are rised. I dont know how to explain it. It is normal?
  7. leggon

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    Nice tatoo. i want to ask, how much will cost you full sleeve? I just want to compare price with my country :)
  8. Hello everyone, I am teenager from Lithuania, almost 19 year old. I just found this forum while looking for ideas for my first tattoo. I am going to do a tattoo on 9 of June. I think about SPARTA. Something like in a picture. When I send this picture, my tattooer said he can draw nicer :D So now I am thinking what I want. Just sparta things (like sword, helm and shield). Or an action, spartan warrior moving or something like that. What do you guys think? What is better? I am so excited about that :D Thank you
  9. Hello, I am new here, but I had the same struggle :D Few days ago I went to the tattoo artist (I don't know how it is called in English, tattooer?). And on 9 of June I am going to do tattoo on my forearm :D Just relax, think what you want and bring pictures. I think all tattoo artists are honest and friendly, so you don't need to panic. I can't wait until I get my tattoo :D P.S sorry for bad English, because it is not my native language :)
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