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  • Birthday 08/25/1968

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    This page is for close friends that I don't get to see or talk to that often, if I don't add you its not personal. And if there is not a picture of yourself you probably wont get added either... All you got to do is ask...
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    San Francisco, California, United States
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    The Decline Of Western Civilization, Where the Wild Things Are, The Hangover, A Clockwork Orange Ant
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    Tattoo artist, little bit of this, little bit of that...

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  1. u do amazing stuff man!

    greetings from sweden

  2. THANK YOU BRYAN. thread was getting a bit sidetracked...
  3. Hi Juan, just joined up. Great insight into your career thus far. really enjoyed the interview. Cheers Josh

  4. Hey brother, You all booked up for Detroit? Might want to get a little collector piece from you.

  5. their are too many good ones for sure so i will pick the neighborhood the shop is in. Delphina pizzeria and restaurant, Rosemunde sausage grill, Luna Park, Cha ya, and pancho villa. Enjoy
  6. Welcome and thanks for joining us homie!

  7. using you irons daily!

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