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  1. Do you think I should get it edged in UV ink? Also, do they make any smaller needles than the outliners?
  2. Hi guys and gals! I just got my very first tattoo, an occult sigil that represents my spirit. My sub, Marcie, took me to her tattoo artist, and I showed him a drawing on DeviantArt that I wanted to turn into a tattoo on the inside of my right forearm. I was a bit upset that he couldn't add color to it because he didn't have small enough needles, but otherwise I absolutely love it. I thought it was going to be super-painful, but I ended up being annoyed more by the noise than anything. And Marcie took my phone away during the session, lol. I am considering getting it edged with UV ink when I visit my hometown in California, because I like that kinda thing. Sean said he didn't have any UV ink because it didn't sell well in our area. I asked him to leave in the errors when he transferred his stencil to my skin, and they all said that was really cool.