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    I've got a mad thirst and love for piercings, tatts, and body mods.
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  1. Emu Oil is what I use daily and it's BY FAR the best moisturizer I've found for my tatts. Soaks in super quick and it makes my tatts look vibrant aswell!
  2. I see that this thread is from 2014, buuutt, I found my wrist's were extremely annoying to heal. They'd get super itchy if they came in contact with the sleeves of my shirt so I found myself having to keep my sleeves rolled up in the middle of winter. Don't know if anyone else has had that problem with healing wrist's or not but damn. Also when I had to bend my wrists and the skin was super tight it was also really annoying. Edit: whoops didn't see people were still keeping this thread active haha :)
  3. Hey guy's and gal's! My name is Cody, and I am from Ontario, Canada. I am 18 and I'm an extreme body modification enthusiast and there's nothing that I love more than being a part of the body mod community, so I knew that I had to make an account here alongside all of the other amazing fellow body mod enthusiasts! I currently only have 2 hours of tattoo time (largish lines of quotes on both of my inner wrists). I have a variety of piercings which define me and make me who I am, ranging from my 8mm inner conch that I had punched, to my half inch lobes, and all of my other 10 piercings excluding those haha. My life revolves around body modifications and they're always on my mind no matter what. I'm happy to be a part of this website's forums! Take care everyone!:)