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  1. Thought I'd give a little update on the tattoo like some of you asked to do. Here's how it looks now and it has been 9 days. The last of the ink peeled last night and my skin has been so dry but I'm only putting lotion on once a day. Its also really itchy... sometimes I forget I have the tattoo and itch it but I've been pretty good about not itching it. Still waiting for some of the ink to fall into place in the last letter (the one that looks like a j), it doesn't look how its supposed to. Sorry for the glare.
  2. Thanks and my sister texted one of the partial owners of the shop who said its healing rough and they would fix it if there is an issue with it. So that was good news... just gotta fly back home to do that if needs be. I'll attach a photo of my other tattoo, I got it when I was 18 for the quote "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything." The bee I used to draw on all of my assignments in high school and I'm deathly allergic to stinging insects.
  3. Thanks everyone! It's definitely reassuring to hear all of this. I talked to the tattoo shop as well and they reassured me that it could take longer and I read into the threads about Leg Tattoos and that definitely put a lot more into perspective as well. For aftercare I have been following the directions they gave me which was to wash 3-4 times a day and blot dry with a clean towel, I've been doing 2-3 and then it says to apply a natural, fragrance-free lotion. I bought Lubriderm and I only apply a really small amount after I wash because I don't want to over moisturize and not allow the ta
  4. chanelxox

    img 2960-2

    Miles did this. Hopefully its not backwards when viewing it but this was taken right after tattooing on 4/19
  5. Thank you! And hers looks great now but she never showed me what it looked like while it was healing so I can't compare it to mine. I just hope the lines become a bit more precise with time and care because one of the letters at the moment does not look like it is supposed to. Its funny I keep pulling my lower leg up to my face so I can thoroughly inspect what the hell the tattoo is doing.
  6. I'm glad I read all these because I was worried when every time I stood up my lower leg hurt... I guess it also didn't help that I was excessively wearing heels for 3 days prior to getting the tattoo. I will say though after walking around for a bit it doesn't hurt as much.
  7. so I got my second tattoo 2 days ago and I felt like something wasn't right when I looked at it the next day but people around me keeping saying this is normal. I'll post a photo so people can tell me what they think but I did notice that between yesterday and today the ink around the actual tattoo has risen towards the top of my skin rather than expanding out and that yesterday it looked a lot worse! I feel like I may have a blowout but don't know because I'm no expert with tattoos but I went to a reputable place and have been taking good care of it. I don't remember my other tattoo ever doin
  8. Hi! My name is Chanel I'm 24, I have one small tattoo that I got after graduation and just received my second just this week, almost 6 years after my first. Looked at about 50 websites before I came across this but my latest addition had me a bit worried and everything I have looked up doesn't seem to really help. My sis who has many tattoos and got one similar from the same place said her did the same thing but I'm still worried. I feel like it may be a blowout. Hopefully the pics below work, first is right after tattooing 4/19 and second was today 4/21. I know its only 2 days old but advice
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