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    I started getting tattooed in 1985 and got addicted pretty quick (this is an addiction...right?). Fell in with the right crowd and continued travelling and getting tattooed by some heavy hitters for 10-12 years. My life took some crazy twists and turns and I changed careers twice and got married and had kids. Those changes put tattoo collecting on a temporary hold that lasted almost 20 years. Fast forward to October of 2014: Seeing a local tattoo artists hand painted flash in a newspaper article was all it took to bring me right back to the warm, stinging embrace of my dormant addiction. A week later I was getting tattooed again...... (sheepishly walking up to the podium and clearing throat) Hello, my name is Brian and I'M ADDICTED TO TATTOOS As of last Thursday, I've had 8 sessions and a bunch more booked for the coming months......
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    Detroit area
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    3D design/Graphic Design/Software

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  1. sure thing man - thanks for the compliments - love wacky tattoos - glad i'm not the only one! :)